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Muscle Shakes For Rugby Players

Muscle Shakes For Rugby Players

Rugby is an extremely physical sport and therefore players need to be able to recover effectively through the consumption of a muscle shake. A good quality muscle shake will help the body get the vital nutrients it needs after a tough game or training session. It is not just the protein in the muscle shake which is important, but also the carbohydrate content which helps further aid recovery. It is not just professional rugby players who require a good quality muscle shake however. Even at amateur levels, a high quality muscle shake after a game can help aid recovery of players. A muscle shake can also be consumer after training sessions to ensure players receive maximal benefits from their hard work.

Why Should Players Take a Muscle Shake?

An increasingly important part of rugby is the size and body composition of players. A muscle shake after training can help increase players size and strength. The protein and carbohydrates combination in a muscle shake will help aid muscle repair and therefore increase size. Strength is equally important for players however and therefore a muscle shake is a great way of ensuring a player receives the best performance improvement from training.

Whilst many players will receive a good dose of the protein they require from normal food consumption, a good muscle shake will help ensure that each individual is receiving their required dose. Failure to consume the correct amount of protein after training and games can actually result in drops in performance thereby making a muscle shake even more important. The other great thing about a muscle shake for players is how easy they are to transport and carry. A muscle shake will easily fit into a playing bag and can be consumed easily unlike a normal high protein meal. This makes a muscle shake one of the most important things to pack in your kit on game day.

When to Take a Muscle Shake

It is thought that the optimal time to consume a muscle shake is in the 45 minutes immediately after intense exercise. Therefore players should look to consume a muscle shake immediately after training or a game to ensure they receive the full benefit of their work.

It may also be beneficial to consume a muscle shake in the days after a game or training session to top up your protein stores. Consuming a muscle shake between meals is a handy way of topping up protein consumption and keeping you from feeling hungry. As the body can take several days to recover from physical activity the consumption of a muscle shake at regular intervals can be highly beneficial to the recovery process.

Muscle Shake Summary

The consumption of a muscle shake immediately after a training session or game can greatly benefit players. By consuming a muscle shake players are able to help improve key elements of their performance such as size and strength. A muscle protein shake is an ideal supplement for a player as it is easy to both consume and transport.

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