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Morning Smoothie Bowl Recipe

Morning Smoothie Bowl Recipe

Starting the day right ? Check out this awesome smoothie bowl recipe from @laurensfitfood ! Packed with flavour and stacked with protein!

Serves 1

Carbohydrates: 14g Per Serving

Proteins: 14g Per Serving

Fats:  8g Per Serving

Calories: 226 Per Serving

Smoothie Base
▪️100g of frozen blueberries
▪️50g of spinach (get those greens in gal)
▪️25g of @theproteinworks vanilla protein
▪️150ml of unsweetened almond milk
▪️Ice cubes

▪️Cashew and Almond Granola
▪️Cacao Nibzzz and Chia Seeds
▪️Flaxseed (for extra goodness)

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