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How Much Exercise Do We Need?

How Much Exercise Do We Need?

New research has been published suggesting that the current government exercise guidelines of half an hour of moderate exercise per day may NOT be enough and that this should even be doubled to see any heart health improvements.

The research was published in the Journal Circulation and researcher Professor Jarett Berry had the following to say: “Walking 30 minutes a day as recommended in the physical activity guidelines, may not be good enough – significantly more physical activity may be necessary to reduce the risk of heart failure.”

The study found that the government guidelines of 2.5 hours exercise a week only brought down the risk of heart complications by 10%, whereas this was increased to 19% in people who exercised for double the amount of time on a weekly basis. For those who upped this to ten hours a week, the risk was 35% lower!

This clearly shows that by exercising more, you are improving the quality of your life and reducing your risk of illness and heart failure in later life massively. Ambarish Pandey was another researcher on this study and he had the following to say: “Future physical activity guidelines should take these findings into consideration, and potentially provide stronger recommendations regarding the value of higher amounts of physical activity for the prevention of heart failure.”

We couldn’t agree more with this and as a company we absolutely LOVE seeing people get up and live a more active lifestyle. This fuels our need to constantly innovate and produce healthy, amazing tasting products to help our customers continue smashing their fitness goals. This information probably won’t be news to anyone within the TPW Family as exercise is ingrained into our brains, which is probably why you are here anyway! However, we do want the TPW Community to be at the forefront of the battle against heart failures so

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