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High Protein Chocolate Fudge Brownies Recipe

Another one fresh from the Gram.

How amazing do these choc fudge brownies look from @laurensfitfood ?!

RECIPE (Makes 8)

⭐️50g coconut flour
⭐️2 tsp baking powder
⭐️1tsp cinnamon
⭐️15g cacao powder
⭐️25g chocolate whey protein powder (chocolate silk).

⭐️3 mashed bananas ?
⭐️50ml almond milk
⭐️2 chia ‘eggs’ (combine 2 tsps of chia seeds with 7 tsps of water and mix to form a thick egg like consistency)
⭐️1 tsp of vanilla extract
⭐️2 tsp of Zero Calorie Syrup (honey or maple ?)

⭐️Drizzle Choc Fudge Zero Calorie Syrup
⭐️Cacao Nibs
⭐️Flaked Almonds

▪️Combine the dry ingredients in a bowl.
▪️Combine the wet ingredients in a bowl.
▪️Mix the wet and dry together until you get a thick consistency (not too liquid, if it’s too thick add some more almond milk).
▪️Place in a lined loaf tin and bake for 40 minutes 180c. Once cooked leave until completely cool and cut into desired shapes! Or just leave as a loaf ? ✨


INFO: 65 calories per brownie with 3g of protein

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