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Gluten-Free Protein Bread Rolls – Say Hello to the Protein Mollete

When people think of ‘Mexican food,’ they usually conjure up images of Guacamole, Tacos, Quesadillas and Salsa. Some go ahead and categorize the Burrito too as ‘Mexican’ even though it’s more of a Tex-Mex (US-borne) invention. The same can be said of Nachos and Fajitas. But this post isn’t about which foods deserve the ‘authentic Mexican’ label, it’s about one type of food that seldom gets the attention it deserves: the Mollete (pronounced moh-YEH-teh). I’ve never quite understood why the Mollete hasn’t seeped into global imaginaries of Mexican (or Tex-Mexican) food. Maybe because, as a dish, it is just so plain not that pretty…  In any case, it’s always been one of my favorites! Simple, quick, and mmm, delicious 😀 Now, the traditional mollete is made with bolillos: American-football-shaped white bread rolls with a super soft and bready center. Bolillos are great for molletes because, when you grill them, they get nice and crunchy, offsetting thus the creaminess of the beans and the umph umph umph of the queso. The problem with molletes though is that they’re very carbohydrate-dense and not very high in protein (from the beans). So, guess what I did?


1/2 cup liquid egg whites
1/4 cup  unflavored whey
1/4 cup instant buckwheat (OR instant oats)
1/8 cup milk
1 teaspoon baking soda


Blended together and then baked at 170 C (332 F) inside a silicone giant muffin tray for 30-40 minutes or until, when stabbed, your knife comes out clean

Macros per one bread roll (without the toppings):

17.4g carbs (1.2g sugars)
22.1g protein
1.6g fat (0.6g sat)
2.3g fiber

Macros per one bread roll (WITH 100g of refried beans and 10g of cheese):

33g carbs
31g protein
3.7g fat
2.3g fiber

This yielded two bread rolls and what I did was let them cool, sliced them in half, scooped out the center, stuffed them with spicy refried beans and BOOM! topped with low fat cheddar cheese and paprika (note: traditional molletes are made with Chihuaha cheese but, alas, Chihuahua cheese cannot be found in these lands so cheddar it was). I then just grilled them for a good ten minutes and *tlink tlink tlink* (that’s a bell): “reeeady!”

Result? Woooooo! Yes, yes, yes! Hello Molletes, welcome back to ma vie! They’re such a sensation, seriously, try them – something about the refried beans with the spice and the cheese against the crunchiness – nommage, pure ‘Mexican’ nommage.

You can obviously make the bread rolls and use them for any kind of sandwich too. I recommend slicing them horizontally into two (or even four) though and grilling them either before or after you add your toppings. This is because the beauty of this bread rolls shines the strongest when they’re grilled. You can also slice each bread roll into four and throw in your toasted for some protein toast! Up to you, play around with the recipe

PS – You can always top the toppings with even more stuff, i.a. spinach and hummus? hehe

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5 Replies to “Gluten-Free Protein Bread Rolls – Say Hello to the Protein Mollete”

  1. Last Sunday I had molletes for breakfast (I’m mexican) and I was thinking of a healthier way to replace the bolillo, and here you are, answering my question. Ha!
    I love this! I’m definetely going to try it! Thanks!