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Coconut Protein Oatbran Porridged Egg Whites

Coconut Protein Oatbran Porridged Egg Whites

Looking for something slightly different for breakfast? Look no further than this coconut protein loaded oatbran porridge!


250ml coconut milk
25g oat bran
34g powdered egg whites (the egg whites beaten and fluffed up with bit o’ water)


1. Milk goes in, enter the oats, boiling begins, simmering ensues.

2. Egg whites are beaten, they are poured into the milk+oatbran, heat is reduced, wooden spoon brings bottom to top folding whites into porridge and BAM – ready.

Macros per Serving (out of 1):

With oat bran =
34.3g protein
18.8g carbohydrates (4.1g fibre)
7.5g fat 


Egg White Protein 80
Pea Protein 80
Whey Protein 360 Extreme
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