Achieving success is as much about your actions out of the gym, as it is about the time you invest in training. Nutrition and recovery are vital components that work hand in hand with your training plan. The ability to recover is enhanced in the post-workout window, but how does egg protein fit in and when is best to take it? Egg protein is a high quality protein that contains all ‘Essential Aminos Acids’, ‘Branch Chain Amino Acids’ as well as Vitamin B, which is vital for energy levels. Taken either as whole eggs or as a powder (such as Egg White Protein 80), egg protein is a versatile, nutrient dense protein which can ultimately enhance your recovery from training.

Egg protein post-workout for recovery

Kick-starting the recovery process by utilising the 30-60 minute post-workout window with effective nutrition is crucial. Enter egg protein. Recovery from an intense training session is vital to ensure optimal functioning at the next session and reducing the dreaded DOMS. Egg protein is ideally suited for this purpose.

Egg White Protein 80 is a medium release protein source without the hassle of cleaning up cracked egg shells. One scoop contains the same protein content as 4 full eggs, making it perfect for post workout in terms of nutrition content, convenience and cost effectiveness.

Egg protein for recovery and its speed of release

Egg protein is a medium release protein, as well as being carbohydrate free. Egg protein is highly nutrient dense but egg protein does not cause blood sugar levels to rise and peak quickly, followed by a ‘crash’. This helps to minimise overeating as the blood sugar levels maintain stable. Considering egg protein is the ‘gold standard’ in terms of amino acid profile, it’s therefore ideal to use post workout for maximum nutrient absorption and to aid recovery.

The speed of absorption can be further slowed down to make a perfect breakfast or late night snack, by adding a fat source or slower release protein, such as blending a tablespoon of natural peanut butter or casein. This will help supply the body with a sustained release of nutrients as you begin another step in the recovery process: sleep!

Egg protein for recovery during the day

Egg protein is so versatile that it can be taken at any time of the day. The medium release maintains a supply of high level of BCAA’s such as Leucine which is beneficial in helping protein synthesis, and with the BV value of 100 you will benefit from all the Essential amino acids in this complete protein. Breakfast and post-workout are optimal times to supply the body with the muscle building amino acids provided by egg protein.

Dean Martin famously sang “How do you like your eggs in the morning?” Well, I take mine powdered and mixed with casein, but it’s not limited to breakfast. Anytime, anywhere thanks to the convenience of Egg White protein 80.

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