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DIY Sugar-Free White Protein Chocolate

A lot of people click on recipe posts, scroll down to the recipe, and skip the intro. Please don’t do that here though. Don’t just scroll down! Because, if you want to learn how to make sugar-free white protein chocolate, the post is the heart of this recipe.

So. There’s a large quantity of normal chocolate recipes, but there’s a real discrimination towards those who love white chocolate! If whey is so good for making dark protein chocolate, surely it’s going to work for white chocolate… 

Peel your ears for this one and read down to the end:


100g cocoa butter buttons
2 tsp liquid stevia drops
1/4 cup (24g) whey protein
Handful of chopped dried cranberries
1tsp vanilla extract (optional)


1.  In a pot, melt the cocoa butter with 2 tsp of stevia.

2. Then pour  it into a food processor along with the whey protein powder.

3. Once everything was well-combined, pour  the ensuing liquidy yellow oily thing onto the chocolate molds and add a handful of chopped dried cranberries (because white chocolate with cranberries is delicious!)

4. Leave it to set in the fridge overnight and the next day, voila! Two bars of beautiful white chocolate!!!! 

There are four things  you should learn from this experiment; four things that could potentially go wrong. 

1. Using stevia instead of a sweetener like xylitol which would be 100% better suited for the job. Stevia is really bitter, you see, especially if you use a lot.  

2.  Let the cocoa butter cool enough before adding the whey. This could make  it slightly curdle when it comes into contact with the boiling cocoa butter. A rookie mistake don’t fall for this.

3.  Add vanilla beans or vanilla paste which most white chocolate has in order to mask the overly cocoa buttery-ness of the chocolate. 

4. Use  ‘deodorised cocoa butter’ instead of regular cocoa butter in order to avoid the overly body-balmy smell of the final product. 

To sum up, you should ABSOLUTELY make sugar-free protein white chocolate.  Sugar-free white protein chocolate is a wonderful idea because it makes SENSE, you know? Particularly if you use a creamy whey protein powder which basically acts as a high-protein version of the milk that’s inside most white chocolates.

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