The new year has begun! Get your morning health fix with this scrumptious Almond Cinnamon spiced Granola by TPW Writer Tiff Breen (@tiffanybreen) – what chilly mornings were made for!


Serves 4 people

Carbohydrates:  43g Per serving                Proteins: 8g Per Serving               Fats: 15g Per serving                Calories: 374

–              300g Protein works gluten free oats

–              1 cup of Protein works almonds

–              ¼ of Protein works pure coconut oil

–              2 tbsp of cinnamon

–              1/3 of dried fruit


–              Chop almonds into small pieces

–              Combine the oats, almonds and coconut oil in one bowl

–              Add cinnamon and dried fruit and stir

–              Then pour mixture onto a greased baking tray

–              Bake for 15 minutes until granola is a light brown colour

–              Move the granola around on the tray every 5 minutes so all the mixture is cooked evenly

–              Leave to cool


Recipe by Tiff Breen.

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