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Dark Chocolate Protein Cake

Dark Chocolate Protein Cake

Let us entice you to make this rich indulgent Dark Chocolate Protein Cake!


140g egg whites (4 or 5 egg’s worth)
1 whole egg
2 tablespoons 100% unsweetened cocoa powder
44g vegan protein powder 
1 heaping scoop chocolate whey protein powder
ne can unsalted organic aduki beans
1 teaspoon cream of tartar
1 teaspoon baking soda


Blend all the ingredients and bake at a medium heat until a chopstick (or a knife/fork) comes out clean. That’s IT!

But, you ask, why aduki (aka adZuki) beans instead of the regular black beans? 

Well, adukis are great because they:

a. are higher in protein (for 100g of black beans you get 6gs of protein whereas for 100g of adukis, you get 9s) 

b. have a milder kind of *milkier* taste than black beans when added to chocolate

Bear in mind that this is a DARK chocolate cake and all its sweetness basically comes from the chocolate whey. If you like your cakes a bit (or a lot) sweeter, go ahead and sweeten it up with whatever floats your boat.

Macros per Serving (out of 12):

7.5g carbohydrates (2.6g fibre)
8.7g protein
1.6g fats

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18 Replies to “Dark Chocolate Protein Cake”

  1. hehehe yes I am, how did you recognize it? not a lot of people can 😀
    do you buy supplement/food from any other website? I’m always on look out for european shops. I ordered from US once and the custom fees/taxes killed me

  2. i actually get most of my stuff from! they’re awesome! especially their a. apple fiber, b. hemp protein, c. pea protein, d. brown rice protein, e. psyllium husks 😀

  3. ooooooohhhhhhhh (*drool*) Looking forward to making this over the weekend … Had to do some conversion (I’m in Philly, USA) but can’t wait to make this. Thanks for being such a mad scientist!

  4. Hi Dan, did you watch the youtube video i made? its kind of a similar recipe, give or take 🙂 Thanks for the ‘mad scientist’ title, an honor 😀

  5. What a recipe! How many grams adjuki beans did you use I could only fin a bag of uncooked ones. There soaking in cold water for tomorrow :(.

  6. Cheers Anna, just finished soaking them today. Can’t wait to try this. Keep up the epic culinary mastery:)

  7. Hmmmmmm you CAN Trixie but it will definitely not be the same. Hemp cooks really well whereas whey has a whey of turning things really carbordy and kind of dry when used in large amounts. You could use whey though if you throw in something to ‘offset’ its dryness, something like black beans in this cake would work WONDERS (cooked black beans, in a can, unsalted) and/or sweet potato and/or more dairy – be it cottage cheese or greek yogurt 🙂

  8. I LOVE these recipes!!! however there are some things I cannot get- perhaps u can suggest some substitutions? eg: casein, pea protein,apple fibre. Especially the casein to keep the whey from getting sticky- also can I use Black soy beans instead of adzuki beans or reg. black beans?
    Also can I just sub whatever prot. powders I have on hand for some of the others(rice, pea etc)- like hemp protein which I have always and it is easy to get? Not for the whey powders of course Keep up the good work- these are amazing!!!!

  9. For some reason I was nervous to try it, but it came out quite yummy. Tastes great with a nice spongy texture. The batter seemed a bit liquidy (probably because I used bottled egg whites instead of from real eggs), so I’ve added 2 tbsp of coconut flour to harden it a bit. Also substituted whey with egg white powder because I am dairy free. Thanks for this site Anna!