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Roasted Red Pepper Protein Salad Dressing

When the chicken breast just ain’t enough (protein) for you, when you want to add an extra BANG to your salad dressing!

Makes the whole thing one hell of a lot more filling and, in my opinion, pea protein makes a fantastic dressing base. It’s mild and flavourful and brings all the other ingredients into relief, especially the red peppers *love red peppers.*


13g pea protein
10g extra virgin olive oil
10g mayonnaise
20g roasted red peppers
tomato paste
10g sun dried tomatoes


1. Mush all but sun dried tomatoes together

2. Add sliced sun dried tomatoes mixed in with a form.

Macros for Salad w/ Dressing:

19g carbo (4g fibre)
67g protein
19g fat

Pea Protein 80
Ridiculous Vegan Bar
Vegan Protein
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