Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) has hit headlines lately because of its benefits on fat loss, building muscle bulk as well as in fighting cancer. There are several reported health benefits associated with CLA…..but what is it? CLA is an all-natural fat loss and muscle building supplement. CLA is formulated by trans fatty acids and derived from omega 6. CLA derives from naturally occuring compounds in all pasture fed animals such as sheep, goats and cattle.

CLA and Weight Loss?

Weight gain is a serious problem affecting people around the world. It is usually because of the accumulation of excessive amounts of fat in the body. In addition to increased weight, fat accumulation occurs in the belly distorting body shape and directly in the walls of blood vessels narrowing them and predisposing you to some of the most dreaded cardiovascular diseases. Due to these problems, there has been extensive search for a solution that is effective, safe and convenient for anyone wishing to lose weight and of course the dangerous, unhealthy body fat. In searching researches were led to one natural product that meets these requirements known as CLA. CLA is one of an entire category of fat loss supplements. CLA is emerging as an ingredient with consistent research backing.

CLA is made up of tiny building blocks known as isomers of linoleic acid. These isomers are responsible for the beneficial effects of CLA. The individual isomers are commonly isolated from beef and dairy products, with each raw material having a different combination of isomers. Those isomers derived from pastured beef are involved with the metabolism and utilization of fat. This is why CLA supplements are formulated from isomers derived from beef produce.

How does CLA support Fat Loss

It may seem strange that CLA is a fat that is in turn used to fight fat. However, the Omega 6 essential fatty acid from which CLA is derived is one of the two fatty acids that are effective in boosting metabolism. CLA mediates fat loss by stimulating the breakdown of body fat to provide energy to drive synthetic processes. This ensures rapid utilization of fat that usually accumulates in the walls of blood vessels as well as those under the skin.

Benefits of CLA & Fat loss

The biggest problem with excess fat in the body is that it predisposes individuals to several chronic diseases. These include; hypertension, heart attack, atherosclerosis, stroke as well as some other serious cardiovascular problems. CLA helps get rid of this fat. So, CLA indirectly protects you from the aforementioned ailments.



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