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Best Protein Powder For Weight loss

Best Protein Powder For Weight loss

When it comes down to dieting and weight loss there is one question that is asked more frequently than any other. How do you actually lose weight?

It might sound simple and well it is, but many people forget about the principles. It all comes down to a calorie deficit. What this means is simply outputting more calories than what you input. For example, consuming 1000 calories but then burning up 1500 calories. The additional 500 calories used for energy will be taken from fat stored within your body helping you to lose weight.

If you want to know a little more about how that work we have another article right here for you: “The Basics of Weight Loss Of course, there are different ways of improving and speeding up the ability to lose weight, such as eating the correct foods, consuming protein powders and taking part in exercise, but all these contribute towards the same point.

A calorie deficit. This can be very difficult to maintain for weeks on end, we have cravings and enjoy nights out, we don’t judge. You can have off days and “cheat days,” just make sure that doesn’t turn into a cheat week. Sometimes a blow out is good, weight loss isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon: it takes time and patience, but by adding in some effective weight loss protein powders you can help speed up the process.

How Does Protein Help Weight Loss?

Protein powders are an effective addition to your weight loss diet, not only do they taste amazing and help curb your sweet tooth cravings with low sugar alternatives but they also have many benefits when it comes down to helping weight loss. We’ve put a few below, have a read through than try and tell us that you won’t be adding them to your basket.

Protein Helps to Decrease Hunger & Appetite

Studies have indicated that consuming a protein shake increases appetite reducing hormones (Lejeune et al. 2006). In some findings, consumers of a protein shake compared to those who consumed a placebo were found to consume 450 fewer calories on average during a meal (Astbury et al. 2010).

Protein May Increase Metabolism

The quicker the metabolism you have the more calories you burn, and it stops your body from storing the energy as fat (Ashtary et al. 2017). Studies have concluded that having a high protein intake through the day boosts metabolism and helps to burn more calories than usual (Veldhorst et al. 2009).

Protein Helps A Calorie Deficit

Whey protein has also shown to reduce insulin and blood sugar levels and regulate them to a consistent level (Patel, 2015). If blood sugar levels drop it can cause your body to crave sugary or fatty foods.

Best Protein Powders For Weight Loss

When it comes down to which protein powder to choose, especially for weight loss, only the best will do. You need to make sure that the ingredients used are premium and the add up in favour for your calorie deficit. That’s why we’ve selected some of the very best below for you to choose from. Take your pick, we know you won’t be disappointed. 

1. Diet Meal Replacement Extreme

2. Diet Wondermeal

3. Diet Whey Isolate 90

4. Diet Whey Complex

5. Diet Vegan Protein

1. Diet Meal Replacement: what is Diet Meal Replacement Extreme?

Diet Meal Replacement Extreme is an advanced formula is high in protein, low in calories and packed full of vitamins and minerals. A cutting-edge combination of both slow and rapidly digesting protein, low GI carbohydrates and high fibre. Diet Meal Replacement Extreme supports healthy weight loss* while keeping hunger at bay for longer. Consistency is key when trying to lose weight, this is why we prioritise taste and consistency. With a complete range of flavour options, we are confident this is an accomplice for your weight-loss journey. Whatever flavour you prefer – this shake tastes amazing and helps to kick all sweet tooth cravings. With a mix of delicious flavour combinations including millionaire’s shortbread all the way to lemon shortcake. As we’ve explained the key to unlocking weight loss is maintaining a calorie deficit. Diet meal replacement shakes help with that and some. On average the typical meal will contain around 500-700 calories, whereas diet meal replacement only contains just over 200, saving you over 300 calories whilst also providing your body with a wealth of essential vitamins and minerals needed to maintain a healthy immune system. As well as helping your calorie deficit, Diet Meal Replacement Extreme also has a few more tricks up its sleeve. The blend of protein including a multiphase formulation, slow absorbing carbohydrates and low sugar have been combined with other popular ingredients known for their weight loss capabilities. This includes medium chain triglycerides and CLA. If meal replacement shakes sound right up your street, then have a further read into them: “What are Meal Replacement Shakes?”

2. Diet Wondermeal: what is Diet Wondermeal?

Diet Wondermeal is a premium meal replacement shake made with gluten-free oats. At just 200 calories per shake, it is a the perfect low-calorie meal replacement shake one can enjoy when one is most craving a delicious and creamy shake that is low in calories. Unlike many meal replacements on the market today that are packed with sugar, Diet Wondermeal is designed to be low in sugar. Also, you’ll commonly find other meal replacements use cheap skimmed milk as a main ingredient, whereas Diet Wondermeal uses the finest whey protein and milk protein, sourced from grass-fed cows.Its ground-breaking taste profile guarantees a super smooth, non-grainy, delicious shake that makes it easy to fit Diet Wondermeal into your day and make that all important switch from typical junk food or unhealthy meal options. Finally, its scientific formulation can help support your weight loss goals. By following an energy restricted diet, simply substitute two of your main daily meals. Or alternatively, replace Diet Wondermeal for one of your meals to maintain your target weight after weight loss.

3. Diet Whey Protein Isolate 90: what is Diet Whey Protein Isolate 90?

Diet whey protein isolate 90 takes it back to basics. A clean minimal low-calorie shake that provides your body with an insane level of protein. As the name suggests this shake contains 90% protein, amounting to 23g per 25g serving. This premium whey protein shake has the most complete amino acid profile of the all with an optimal 3g of leucine in every scoop. Due to the way this protein shake is developed, and manufactured means that it’s incredibly pure. So pure in fact, that you get less than 1g of fats, less than 1g of carbohydrates and only 92 calories per serving, making it an ideal shake to maintain your calorie deficit while making sure that your body is provided with sufficient protein that will help you stay fuller for longer and stop you from craving all those sugary macro killing snacks. Diet Whey Protein Isolate 90 goes through a rigorous process, and unlike whey protein concentrate it is micro-filtered rather than heated. What this does is it maintains all it’s amino acid contents and purity, just how mother nature intended. Through the micro-filtered process, most of the lactose is removed, not fully, but for those who aren’t lactose intolerant but still struggle to process dairy products, this may be the easier route for you.

4. Diet Whey Complex: what is Diet Whey Complex?

Diet whey complex is another contender for the best weight loss protein powder to ever grace the fat loss land. With only 2.6g of sugar, 2.9g of fat and 34g of multiphase releasing protein is there anything this shake cant do? Proven weight loss ingredients? It’s got that too. Diet whey complex has a comprehensive list including golden flaxseeds, L-carnitine, green tea extract, Digezyme and CLA. Diet Whey Complex is a scientifically driven formula with hand-picked ingredients specifically selected with weight loss in mind. Its unrivalled contents mean that you can sip on this guilt free knowing that your body is being supplied with the very best and premium contents. Giving you a helping hand and pushing you past any dieting plateaus and obstacles that you may face. Like with all Protein Works weight loss shakes, the flavour takes a pole position among its insane ingredients list. Available in a heap load of delicious tastebud pleasing flavours including strawberries ‘n’ cream, and choc mint brownie, raiding the snack cupboard will be a thing of the past. Sound all too good to be true but how can it actually help you lose weight. Well, let’s take one from the list. L-carnitine for example. L carnitine is a popular amino acid, that plays a crucial role in fat transportation. It allows your body to transfer fat from its stores and direct it into cells for it to produce energy. Without L-Carnitine, your body would struggle with this and as a result, would find it even more difficult to burn through fat. 

5. Diet Vegan Protein: what is Diet Vegan Protein?

Diet vegan protein is the ultimate plant-based, lactose-free, dairy free protein shake using the very finest natural protein sources and acclaimed extracts developed for weight loss goals. Ideal for anyone following a calorie controlled diet, diet vegan protein has nutritionals that would compliment any fat burning journey. With 22g of protein, 1.1g of fat and 1.3g of carbohydrates per serving, this tops any other diet vegan protein on the market today. Diet vegan protein compromises of 3 of the most popular plant-based protein sources providing you with a complete amino acid make up, boosting your natural protein synthesis to help repair those tired muscles after a long workout, allowing you to get back to training as soon as possible. More training equals more calorie’s burnt which overall helps weight loss. Diet vegan protein is a low-calorie alternative to the standard vegan shake, but that doesn’t make it any less if anything it packs even more of a punch when it comes down to the ingredients. Diet vegan protein also contains, flaxseeds, garcinia cambogia, green tea extract and acetyl-l-carnitine, all combined together to help influence your body to burn through fat like no tomorrow. It’s rare that you’ll find a vegan protein shake that actually tastes good enough to drink every day. Good job the flavour team here at TPW Towers have spent restless nights making sure that each ingredient is delicately balanced to provide you with the right nutrients but also the right flavours too. Made with the finest dairy-free flavours including Belgian Choca Mocha, Chocolate Silk and Vanilla Creme.  


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Diet Meal Replacement Extreme

Diet Whey Protein Isolate 90

Diet Whey Isolate Pouch

Diet Wondermeal

Diet Wondermeal


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