Following on from the first part in this series on the benefits of ZMA, this post will take a look at some additional benefits of taking a ZMA supplement. It will also show why ZMA is essential for those looking to perform intense physical exercise.

ZMA Supports ATP

The magnesium found in ZMA can help boost Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) – the main source of a cellular energy. In addition ZMA can help cells become biologically active after binding with a magnesium ion. This process caused by ZMA can also help speed up the metabolism.

ZMA helps speed up the process of ATP and ensures muscle cells do not begin to breakdown. This means ZMA not only helps recovery but also actively aids the building of lean muscle mass. ZMA is also a very important element of protein biosynthesis.

ZMA for Improving Athletic Performance

Benefits of Taking ZMA for RecoveryNot only does ZMA help muscle recovery but it also aids athletic performance. ZMA is particularly important alongside protein supplementation. It has been stated that protein supplementation may decrease the bodies ability to retain magnesium. A ZMA supplement is therefore essential in boosting the quantity of magnesium within your body. ZMA is therefore particularly important as without it the body may see reduced strength gains and subsequently impaired athletic performance.

ZMA Increases Metabolic Efficiency

The magnesium found in ZMA is essential to ensure a fully functioning metabolism. Studies have shown that magnesium depletion reduces metabolic efficiency during reduced levels of magnesium. A ZMA supplement is therefore key to avoid an excessive increase in oxygen consumption.

By reducing the bodies over-consumption of oxygen, ZMA helps improve performance during strenuous activity and reduce heart rate. This shows how a ZMA supplement can help increase metabolic efficiency and in turn improve athletic performance.



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