ZMA has been shown to be a powerful aid in muscle recovery following the damaged inflicted during training. ZMA contains magnesium which has a key influence on the body’s ability to recover from muscle damage. Whilst magnesium may occur naturally in many foods people often need a supplement such as ZMA to boost their levels.

Here are some of the key benefits of taking a ZMA supplement:

ZMA Replenishes Magnesium Stores in the Body

Benefits of Taking ZMA for RecoveryWhile consuming protein is key after a workout, many people forget to replenish the electrolytes they lost during their workout. As ZMA contains a powerful blend of zinc and magnesium, supplementing with ZMA is an easy way of replenishing magnesium stores in the body.

As magnesium is an important factor in athletic performance a ZMA supplement can be absolutely key. A study on marathon runners showed that magnesium was the most depleted mineral after that had competed, emphasising the importance of a ZMA supplement.

The magnesium in ZMA is particularly important as it is known to regulate muscle and nerve tones in the body. ZMA can also help muscle contractions. ZMA is therefore recommended for optimal functioning and performance.

ZMA Speeds Up Recovery from Intense Training

ZMA is important for both strength and aerobic training. This is because ZMA is important for post-workout recovery. ZMA contains magnesium which is the 4th most abundant mineral found in the body. Therefore ZMA may help protect the body against inflammation whilst also increasing recovery from training.

The RDA of magnesium is around 500mg and therefore ZMA can help to ensure you receive your required amount. In addition ZMA can help regulate insulin and blood pressure sensitivity. Research has also suggested magnesium could be key to the effectiveness of creatine therefore making ZMA an extremely potent supplement.



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