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Banana Green Tea Protein Fluff

If you’ve never had protein fluff, let us try to describe it for you. Imagine… something between whipped cream and ice cream. Imagine… a protein shake turned into a cloud. Protein Fluff is extremely filling, unbelievably healthy, and absolutely delicious!

It’s also really cooling and perfect post-workout! This particular protein fluff here is amazing. It’s made with a frozen banana and includes some matcha green tea powder for an extra punch of antioxidants!

The recipe is extremely simple, all you need is a banana, some whey protein, and milk. Quick note before you delve into the actual recipe: remember to peel and slice your banana before you freeze it! Because peel doesn’t fluff. Peel your banana, slice it, freeze it and you’re ready to fluff!


1 frozen banana
1/4 cup of whey protein
Splash of your milk of choice
1 tsp matcha green tea


Chuck everything in a bowl.
Blend with an electric blender until you get a soft-serve-like texture.
Whisk with an electric whisker until your mix fluffs, or aerates.
Serve in a bowl and, if you want, top with extra fruit. 

Macros per bowl: 207kcals, 26g protein, 23g carbs, 2.5g fat!


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