With the increased prevalence of high protein diets, many people are beginning to find alternative ways to consume their protein powders. This is no different when it comes to Brown Rice Protein. Brown Rice Protein is widely consumed by vegans, vegetarians, those following a gluten or lactose-free diet and anyone looking for a nutrient packed alternative to whey. The nature of Brown Rice Protein means that some people struggle with the texture and taste and can therefore become bored of consuming Brown Rice Protein solely as a shake. Not wanting their protein levels to drop, these people need to find alternative ways of consuming it.

Baking with Brown Rice Protein

Many people now look for alternative ways of consuming their protein shakes and specifically Brown Rice Protein – for variety and effectiveness. It is therefore becoming increasingly common for people to use their Brown Rice Protein in baking. This allows them to get the important amino acids and vitamins from Brown Rice Protein whilst also being able to consume a tasty treat. Brown Rice Protein is ideal for baking as it is naturally low in fat and carbohydrates. Brown Rice Protein also does not contain a number of potentially sensitive ingredients which can affect allergy sufferers.

This makes brown rice protein an ideal ingredient when baking. Baking with Brown Rice Protein is also a popular option for people who may not enjoy the ‘natural’ taste that is it associated with. As Brown Rice Protein can be quite different in texture to other protein powders, baking is an ideal way of introducing it into peoples diets.

Brown Rice Protein for Intolerances and Allergies

As Brown Rice Protein is gluten free, it can often be an excellent alternative to flour. This means that people with gluten intolerances are able to enjoy their favourite food items whilst also containing a healthy portion of Brown Rice Protein. Equally as Brown Rice Protein is dairy free it can help individuals who suffer with such intolerances. Again this means that allergy sufferers can eat their favourite tasty treats without worrying about intolerances, whilst also getting a hit of Brown Rice Protein.



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