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3 Ingredient Protein Brownie

3 Ingredient Protein Brownie

If you’re going to make EPIC January food choices and get back on track this month, TPW Writer Ashleigh Ponder is on hand to help. She believes January doesn’t have to be about cutting out favourite foods, what’s key is to regain control by knowing exactly what you’re eating, with the correct servings to suit your diet and fitness goals.

Enter this protein brownie, it’s pretty tasty, and easy to make. It also has a secret ingredient – chocolate spread! I bet, after all of the festivities, that there are foods like chocolate spread in your house that are on some kind of ‘banned’ list in January. My philosophy? Make the food work for you – by including it in sensible portions rather than tripping into the craving -> slip up -> binge because “you won’t tomorrow” syndrome.

So if you do have some lying around – make it work for you and your goals. Enjoy those foods & include them in a satisfying routine. An Epic Choice leading to Epic Results! Already chucked out the chocolate spread? Why not get a single serving pack or two – enough to enjoy, but not too much available if you’re struggling with certain foods. Low sugar varieties also exist if you’d like a larger jar.


25g (one serving) TPW Skinny Protein in Chocolate Silk flavour, 40g banana, pureed (either a very ripe mashed banana, or puree you can buy from the baby food aisle!), tea spoon of milk or chocolate spread (depending how naughty you’re feeling)


1) Stir together the spread and pureed banana.

2) Mix in the whey protein.

3) Microwave for 25-30 seconds (850W).

4) Enjoy! (Careful, it’ll be hot!)

Tip: remember, when measuring chocolate spread, there may be some left over on the spoon. Although it can be tempting to lick it off… those ‘hidden calories’ of little nibbles here and there can really quickly add up. Scrape it off with another spoon and enjoy your brownie!


Nutrition: (using reduced sugar chocolate spread)

Calories: 261

Protein: 21g

Carbohydrates: 23g

Fat: 11g

Gooey, tasty, chocolatey – but higher in protein.

My ultimate tip? Plan this for the end of your day – it’s something to look forward to, and some protein before bed.



Recipe by Ashleigh Ponder @balancednotclean

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