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Workout Series: 20-Minute Home Back Workout

Here’s the deal. Lockdown is tough but it’s also for the greater good which means we’re all having to adapt to working and training from home.
However, we recognise that this isn’t always easy, especially if you’re used to training in the gym, and finding yourself at home with nothing but your body weight can be disorientating.
But this doesn’t mean you can’t continue hitting your fitness goals, and to help you do just that we’ve put together a series of home workouts to help you lose fat, build muscle and create your ideal body.
Each article covers a 20-minute workout for a different muscle group and can be used to create your perfect at-home workout plan. This article will cover the back, but you can also get workouts for your chest, shoulders, legs, core and arms.
What You Need?
We’ve going to provide 2 workouts; one will need nothing but your body weight and the other will include a few basic bits of equipment like resistance bands and dumbbells.
With this workout, you will also need something you can hang from to do chin/pull-ups as well as a table or chairs you can use to do inverted rows.
This means if you have no equipment then all you need is a large enough space to be able to stretch out in.
The Pre-workout Warm-Up
Preparation for any workout is almost as important as the workout itself and a good warm-up will prepare you mentally and physically to boost performance and reduce the risk of injury. A good warm-up can be split into 2 sections:
  • Pulse Raising: You want to spend 5 – 10 minutes gently raising your heart rate and getting your body warmed up. Jogging on the spot, star jumps or skipping are great ways to do this.
  • Muscle Activation: After you’ve warmed up you want to do a couple of sets of an easier version of the exercise, you’ll do in your workout to prepare your muscles for the session ahead. In this instance, a couple of sets of knee bent inverted rows or light bent over rows will work fine.
The Workouts
Each workout has been carefully designed to hit all parts of the back for full, even development.
The Bodyweight Only Workout
Complete all sets for one exercise before moving onto the next one.
If any exercise is too easy you can add weight by using a backpack with books in, slowing down the movement, reducing the rest time or doing more reps. Alternatively, exercises can be made easier by regressing the movement, doing fewer reps or resting for more time.
The Equipment Workout
Complete all sets for each exercise before moving onto the next one.
If any exercise is too easy you can increase the weight, increase the resistance of the band, reduce the rest time or do more reps. Alternatively, exercises can be made easier by reducing the weight or resistance and doing fewer reps or resting for more time.
The Post-workout Stretches
It’s important to set aside some time after your workout to perform a simple stretch of the muscles you used. This helps to maintain or increase flexibility; reduce muscle soreness and help you cool down post-workout.
Here’s a simple routine you can follow. Hold each stretch for 30 secs before moving on.
  1. Cat/cows (10 repetitions)
  2. Thread the needle (10 repetitions each side)
  3. Child’s pose
  4. Knees into chest hold
  5. Supine twist
Takeaway Point
There you have 2 simple 20-minute back workouts to help you build muscle and strength. Don’t forget we also have workouts for your legs, chest, shoulders, arms and core.
If you’re still struggling to get motivated to workout then remember this. In the end, this time under lockdown is going to pass whatever you do which means the question is not “will it end” but “who do you want to be when it does…?”
Why not use it to build your best body ever.

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