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What Is Casein Protein?

What Is Casein Protein?

Casein protein is an extremely useful supplement, whatever your health or fitness goal. Casein is unique in providing your body with the appropriate proteins in a different way to many other protein sources. Casein is the most prominent protein found in milk, making up nearly 80% of its protein content. Casein has a unqiue ability of being able to provide a slow consistent drip feed of protein into the circulation over a prolonged time period. Our Calcium Caseinate is considered one of the premium casein products on the market today

Why use Casein?

Casein is a protein source that takes a prolonged period of time to be digested. Casein releases these amino acids at a slow, steady rate unlike whey protein which is absorbed very quickly by the body. This slow release of amino acids can last several hours. Casein is therefore a popular choice for those looking for a sustained release protein source. Due to its slow releasing nature, casein doesn’t have a large effect on protein synthesis. However, casein does have a role in preventing protein breakdown. Casein is a very popular supplement to take before going to sleep, or when you know you won’t be able to eat for prolonged periods because of the slow drip of nutrients your body receives.

Types of Casein

The most common forms of casein protein are developed via a number of modern techniques. The most common ones being ultra-filtration and hydrolysis. These processes dictate the way in which the natural source is taken and made into the appropriate supplement. These powders are often very raw and bland, whilst maintaining a long term shelf life when kept cool and dry. The 2 most common types of casein are hydrolysed casein and micellar casein.

Hydrolysed Casein

Hydrolysed casein is a form of casein produced via hydrolysis. This breaks down the protein and amino molecules via the use of enzymes to smaller peptides. These can then be absorbed at a faster rate due do its pre-digested state.

Micellar Casein

Micellar casein is made via ultra-filtration, enabling it to retain its natural form. Micellar casein is an invaluable particle that transports calcium-phosphate to the stomach. This is is responsible for the “clot” caused in the stomach which enables the drip-feeding of protein over a sustained period. Micellar casein is also rich in calcium, another benefit of taking casein products.

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