Arginine is an amino acid that can be found within the body.  Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and are what proteins are broken down into ready for the body to use to help repair the body.  Some amino acids are made in the body and don’t need to be sourced from diet.  Others have to be sourced from diet and supplements when required by the body for growth and repair.  Arginine is made in the body but for physical activities such as resistance training more is required because more is in demand.

What Are The Benefits of Arginine?

what is arginine

Arginine is used on a physiological pathway which causes widening of blood vessels. This can help to improve blood flow, resulting in more oxygen and other essential nutrients being delivered to the muscles during a workout. L-arginine is consumed in our diets. L-Arginine is usually found in pre-workout supplements because of its assumed benefits on performance. Arginine has been found to assist with the removal of toxic wastes and to help with optimum function of the immune system. Arginine can also enhance fat burning, which can help during contest preparation and help to reduce body fat levels. Arginine helps the body to make protein in protien synthesis, ideal for a gym user looking to add muscle. Arginine aids the recovery process for repairing muscle tissue ready for the next training session.

Why Should I Use Arginine?

Incorporating arginine into your diet could assist recovery, help reduce fat levels and provide ergogenic benefit during a workout. Arginine alone will not dramatically change body composition or recovery but will help as part of a well thought out nutrition plan. Using this as part of a number of small adjustments in a diet can help towards a big change to help reach your fitness and dietary goals.



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