Greens powders are packed full of some of the world’s most nutrient dense food sources. Greens powders are therefore considered one of the best concentrated sources of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, polyphenols and essential enzymes for health. Greens powders take a variety of vegetable, fruit and grass sources and compact and distill them into convenient, nutrient dense powdered form. Adding a greens powder to your diet comes with numerous benefits.


Benefits of Greens Powders

Greens powders are often made up of a blend of nutrient dense superfoods. These may include a combination of the following, each with their own specific benefits: wheatgrass, barley grass, spirulina powder, chlorella, pomegranate, spinach, broccoli, alfalfa, elderberry to name just a few. There are a range of benefits associated with adding a greens powder to your diet. Greens powders can help with everything from improved immune function, fat loss and enhanced energy. This is because greens powders provide such a wide spectrum of highly bio-available whole food nutrients that are absorbed and used by the body efficiently.

Greens powders have also been shown to increase body alkalinity. What this means is that greens powders encourage the PH of the body to become more alkaline and less acidic. In turn this means bacteria and viruses are less likely to thrive. This is particularly important for people with hectic lifestyles, unable to gain these nutrients through a consistent diet.


Greens Powders for Detoxifying

The unique nutritional profile of greens powders mean they can help boost energy levels and detox the digestive system. Above all, greens powders are renowned for their detoxifying, digestive and energising properties. The active ingredients in greens powders are said to improve cellular health. This is why a greens powder, such as Super Greens, is a great addition to any diet since no other supplement has been shown to help positively enhance the health of the body on a cellular level.


Greens Powders & Your FIVE-A-DAY

Greens powders can help supplement a diet that is low in fruits and vegetables. Figures show that only small proportions of men and women achieve the famous FIVE-A-DAY guideline for health. Basically, almost everyone is coming up short. Taking a greens product can therefore be an extremely useful and convenient addition to a diet deficient in fruit and vegetable. This can be crucial as consuming sufficient fruit and vegetables is linked with reduced incidence of several diseases. These include cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, osteoporosis and various cancers.



Super Greens is an extremely potent greens powder formula, considered to be the most comprehensive greens powder on the market today. In all, Super Greens is made from a synergistic blend of 23 of nature’s most nutrient dense superfoods.

Crucially, one serving of Super Greens provides all five of the hallowed FIVE-A-DAY that is recommended for optimal health benefits. This means that a greens powder like Super Greens could be an extremely useful and convenient addi

tion to any diet. For those with busy lifestyles, a greens powder such as Super Greens can be an easy way of achieving your FIVE-A-DAY and attaining all of the health benefits associated with this.



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