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Valentine’s Day Protein Truffles in a Box

Where I am now (in the UK), Valentine’s day is officially tomorrow. The recipient of this box though, he’s getting his present today πŸ˜‰ “What the…?” he may ask, upon being greeted with it. Ah, I may answer, “it’s already the 14th in Australia! Happy Valentine’s Day! AAA!!!” If he’s confused after this though, I’ll add a good “with you, it’s Valentine’s Day every day” (because I’m cheesy year round) and boom: done -> present delivered πŸ˜€ I hope he likes his box of truffles! They were made with monstrous amounts of love :-)))

So yeah, if you, like me, feel like giving your significant other a ‘functional’ box of chocolates packed-full of protein KAPOOOOW! the recipes below are really fun and ensure you’ll be received with a barrage of bear hugs (because who doesn’t like homemade dark chocoliciousness inside a lovingly-made and quite-obviously-homemade-looking box?) The beauty of this is also that you can tweak the recipe to your loved one’s favorite chocolate flavors so that, when he/she opens the box and bites into these babies, an explosion of deliciousness will take over —> BARABOOOM πŸ˜‰

The very first thing you do is get out some cardboard, thick colored paper, or both. Draw a heart on one of your sheets and a similar but smaller heart on an other – these hearts and going to be the top and bottom of the box. Then, cut out strips of cardboard for the sides and start taping them around the hearts. This is really all the box boils down to. The smaller heart is where you are going to put your protein truffles and the bigger heart is the cover. OK. Once your box is ready, move on to the truffles. I was going to make six kinds of fillings but ended up making four kinds because I couldn’t fit any more! So, I’ll give you the recipe for these four kinds – vanilla, chocolate, coconut and caramel, and make the other two (almond and bailey’s) another day.


For the Vanilla Protein Truffles:
4 tablespoons vanilla protein powder
1 tablespoon apple fiber
2 tablespoon hulled hemp seeds
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
1/8 cup oat flour

For the Dark Chocolate Protein Truffles:
2 tablespoons apple fiber
1 tablespoon 100% cocoa powder
2 tablespoons chocolate vegan protein
5 tablespoons coconut milk

For the Coconut Protein Truffles:
3 tablespoons grated coconut
3 tablespoons unflavored whey
2 tablespoons coconut milk
2 tablespoons instant oats
1.5 teaspoon stevia

For the Caramel Protein Truffles:
1/4 a small cooked sweet potato
1/4 cup medjool dates
1/4 cup vanilla whey protein
1 tablespoons cup instant oats
1 teaspoon toffee flavdrops
1 tablespoon amaranth flour


All truffles were made the same way with 90% chocolate
1. Mix all ingredients together with a fork.

2. Roll mixture into balls.

3. Place some oatflour (or anti-stickiness coating) onto a baking sheet or cookie tray.

4. Dunk the balls into melted chocolate.

5. Transfer to freezer and let sit for 20 minutes until the chocolate sets.

(These ones were too mushy so use less sweet potato if you want to give them a better body).

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