High protein snacks provide a unique variety and convenience to support a high protein diet – common in the training community. There are a variety of high protein snacks available, all of which have their own benefits. The best high protein snacks for you depends on your preferences. For those preferring sweeter high protein snacks (for example, as a dessert replacement) then cookies and flapjacks are ideal. For people looking for high protein snacks that are more savoury in taste, to provide a hit of protein in between meals, then they can choose between nuts and beef jerky to name a few. Below is a selection of high protein snacks available to you:

Protein Cookies High Protein Snacks

Protein cookies are one of a number of high protein snacks available to those of you with a sweet tooth. These high protein snacks contain the ideal blend of carbohydrates and protein to help aid recovery and keep you feeling fuller for longer. As high protein snacks go, these are ideal for people on the go looking for a quick and convenient source of protein. Protein Cookies from THE PROTEIN WORKS contain 37g of protein per cookie and are made with 100% natural flavours.

Protein Flapjacks for High Protein Snacks

Another product in the range of high protein snacks available to those seeking a sweeter option to keep cravings at bay. Again another of the high protein snacks that is easy to carry around with you for eating at a time that suits. These high protein snacks provide an excellent combination of protein and oats to keep you feeling fuller for longer. Whey & Oat Crisp from THE PROTEIN WORKS are the UKs first all natural protein flapjacks and baked with whey protein isolate in a ground-breaking formulation.

Beef Jerky for High Protein Snacks

My favourite of the high protein snacks is beef jerky. As high protein snacks go beef jerky is the best option for those who really like a meaty source of protein. These high protein snacks tend to be low in fat and carbohydrates and high in protein making them a healthy option that will keep you going throughout the day.

Nuts as High Protein Snacks

Nuts are one of the most varied forms of high protein snacks given the variety of options. These high protein snacks can come as almonds, cashews and brazils, thereby providing plenty of variation for you. These high protein snacks are ideal for people looking for a supplement they can snack on throughout the day rather than consume in one go.

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