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7 of the Best High Protein Snacks

7 of the Best High Protein Snacks

When it comes to maintaining a high protein diet, incorporating a variety of snacks can be a game-changer for fitness enthusiasts.

Whether you have a sweet tooth or crave something savoury, there’s a high protein snack that caters to your preferences.

Explore the best high protein snacks for your dietary needs below…

1. Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is a delicious and light high protein snack with double the protein of regular yogurt. It provides all essential amino acids for muscle health and keeps you feeling full whilst also being rich in nutrients like calcium, potassium, and probiotics.

This snack can be paired with a variety of tasty options like granola, fruit, smoothies or salads – making it a versatile and easy way to add some protein into your daily diet.

You can even make your own dedicated Protein Berry Yogurt using normal Greek yogurt mixed with Whey Protein.

2. Protein Balls

Protein balls are small, round snacks made with ingredients like nuts, butters, and protein powder. These little snacks are often sweetened with natural things like dates or honey, and they can be flavoured with things like cocoa or coconut.

Protein balls are easy to grab and eat on the go, making them a convenient and healthy snack option! You can buy these from the supermarket or make your own like on this Chocolate Protein Ball recipe.

3. Jerky

Jerky comes in beef, turkey, and chicken varieties, making it a convenient and portable snack option for busy days or when you’re on the move. In just one ounce (28 grams) of beef jerky, you’ll find over 9 grams of protein.

This nutrient-dense meat is dried to make it lightweight. Since most of the moisture is removed, it becomes shelf-stable and can be stored without refrigeration. This makes it a practical choice for backpackers and individuals without access to a fridge.

4. Nuts

bowl of nuts and raisins

Nuts offer a diverse array of options, including almonds, cashews, and Brazil’s, ensuring plenty of choices to suit your taste. These high protein snacks are perfect for those seeking a convenient, on-the-go supplement to enjoy throughout the day.

Incorporate these high protein snacks into your daily routine to support your active lifestyle and meet your nutritional goals. Whether you’re aiming for post-workout recovery or need a satisfying between-meal boost, nuts have got you covered. 

5. Protein Bars

Protein bars stand as a cornerstone in the realm of high protein snacks, offering a convenient and portable source of essential nutrients. These bars are meticulously crafted to provide the perfect balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fats, making them an excellent choice for those with demanding schedules.

Whether you’re rushing between meetings or squeezing in a workout, protein bars offer a quick and satisfying way to refuel. Look for options like our soft and indulgent Loaded Legends bars, or our insane and Ridiculous Vegan Protein Bar.

With an array of flavours and formulations to choose from, finding the ideal protein bar to support your high protein diet has never been easier. Elevate your nutrition and energy levels with these versatile, on-the-go companions.

6. Protein-Rich Smoothies

colourful smoothies

Smoothies make fantastic and portable protein snack for both the morning and afternoon. Depending on the ingredients you use, they can also provide a healthy dose of fibre, vitamins, and antioxidants.

If you’re in need of some delightful smoothie inspiration, check out our Instagram page or this range of protein smoothie and shake recipes in The Locker Room.

7. Edamame

Edamame is a great high protein snack because it’s packed with a lot of protein, which is important for keeping our muscles and bodies strong. These young soybeans are like little protein powerhouses!

They’re also rich in fibres, which helps with digestion and keeps us feeling full and satisfied. Edamame is loaded with important vitamins and minerals that our bodies need to work properly.

Plus, they’re super easy to prepare and eat. So, if you’re looking for a tasty and nutritious snack, edamame is a top choice!

Learn more about mindful eating with our healthy eating tips article. Don’t miss out our delicious range of food and snacks for all your protein needs.

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