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Sward, A. (2012) Yogurt & Psyllium Protein Pancakes. In ‘Experiments in Psyllium,’ Volume I, Issue 3

Extending their gaze beyond the domains of traditional cooking methodology, researchers have sought to investigate the potential of psyllium husks in the context of high-protein low-carbohydrate cooking (see: Sward 2012a and 2012b; Buzzi 2012). According to Sward (ibid), psyllium husks are immensely functional as an ingredient – they not only enhance the fibrous quality of high protein foods, they also reinforce the structural framework of goods, adding significant texture and volume. It is for this reason that psyllium husks are central to the creation of high-protein low-carb tortillas, crepes, and wraps (see the following recipes: Protein Tomato Chicken Wraps, Protein Crepes with a Bolognese Filling, A Chicken Mole Protein Taco, Cruncky Chicken Low Carb Tortillas, Sun-Dried Tomato Protein Crepes). Psyllium husks, however, are a complex ingredient to master. This is because, when heated and/or combined with hot liquids, they become overly gelatinous and viscous. This study explores the potential of psyllium husks in the context of protein pancakes. The hypothesis with which the study was conducted foresaw the pancakes gaining a gummy consistency due to the inclusion of the psyllium husks and the omission of flour. While the results confirmed this hypothesis, the pancakes came out thicker than expected – indeed, deliciously thick – and notable levels of pleasure where derived from their consumption by the researcher. Inane video evidence was gathered of their consumption. In conclusion, the present study points towards the need for further research to be carried out to reduce or eliminate these pancakes’ gumminess, with the possibly with the inclusion of a flour like that obtained from coconuts, oats, or almonds and the reduction of the quantity of psyllium husks.



24g psyllium husks
26g vanilla whey protein powder
80g liquid egg whites
1 pot 0% Total Greek Yogurt
50 ml coconut milk 


Blend ingredients together and pan fry on a nonstick pan.

Macros per Serving (out of 1):

32.3g carbs
43g protein
3.2g fat
17.9g fiber




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2 Replies to “Sward, A. (2012) Yogurt & Psyllium Protein Pancakes. In ‘Experiments in Psyllium,’ Volume I, Issue 3”

  1. what? no citation for Dr CCM and her psyllium loaded high protein low carb breads and pancakes?

    egads, where did I go wrong????? LOL

    nice work, Anna!
    psyllium is a great gluten sub and so much better than adding all those funky gums etc.