Hoping to lose weight loss is one of the main reasons people turn to sports nutrition supplements. There are a number of supplements currently available which are research backed to have a benefit on weight loss and reducing body fat. Here are some of the best supplements for achieving your weight loss goals.

Diet Whey

A diet whey protein shake should be the starting point for anyone looking to lose weight. The first reason for this is that protein has a thermogenic effect on the body during digestion. This means that a diet whey shake will help you burn extra calories simply because of the extra calories required to break it down.

There are two other benefits to a diet whey protein shake. The first benefit of diet whey is that it contains a number of fat burning ingredients such as green tea extract which obviously help you towards your goals. The other benefit is that a diet whey protein shake is usually lower in fats and carbohydrates than a traditional protein shake.


CLA, also known as Conjugated Linoleic Acid would also be a beneficial supplement for those people looking to lose weight. CLA has become known as a fat loss supplement for its ability to minimise calorie and saturated fat intake. For this reason CLA has been used in health and sports nutrition for years by those looking to improve their body composition.

Green Tea Extract

If you’re not a fan of diet whey then you may wish to take a green tea extract supplement as part of your diet. Green tea extract has been shown to help aid the fat burning process, thereby aiding body composition. For this reason Green Tea extract is ideal for those people with weight loss as their primary goal.



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