Whilst reducing your calorie intake may seem the obvious way in which to help reduce your body fat, there are also a number of supplements that can help you on your wat. The issue with only reducing your calorie intake is that this can impact on your muscle mass. Instead you can use some of the sports nutrition supplements suggested below to help you at the very least maintain muscle mass, whilst reducing your body fat percentage (cutting).

Diet Whey

A very simple replacement you can make is to trade in your usual protein powder for a diet whey option. This will often result in a reduction in calories consumed (as well as fats and carbs) whilst also providing a healthy dose of fat burning ingredients. A diet whey protein powder usually contains fat burning ingredients such as green tea extract which help to further reduce your body fat percentage.

Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry ketones have recently become one of the most popular supplements for aiding fat loss. It is believed that raspberry ketones can not only help speed up your bodies metabolism, but also suppress your appetite to further encourage a calorie restriction.

Green Tea Extract

As already mentioned, a diet whey protein powder can help aid your fat loss goals by boosting your metabolism as it contains green tea extract. To further boost your metabolic rate though you could invest in a specific green tea extract product. By taking a green tea extract product you will be helping to boost your bodies fat burning capabilities.


CLA is a kind of fatty acid that can aid your fat burning goals. CLA has been popular for years amongst those looking to improve their overall body composition. CLA softgels are the easiest way to consume this product and ensure it gets to work right away.



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