Whilst some people still associate sports supplements mainly with weight lifters, evidence suggests that there are a variety of supplements that can improve performance in endurance athletes too. Whether you’re running, swimming, cycling (or a bit of all three) there are a variety of sports nutrition supplements that can help aid your performance and give you the edge.


When taking part in endurance events, having a slow-releasing sustainable source of energy such as oats is essential. Pure Fine Oats, particularly of the gluten free variety are ideal for endurance athletes. You can easily add oats to a protein shake, or alternatively mix them with something like yoghurt to give you a more satisfied feeling.


Taking a decent pre-workout before an endurance event can really help give you the edge and ensure you get to the finish line in record time. A product like Genesis Pre-Workout will help give your mind and body a boost as you look to tackle your PB. A pre-workout can also be the difference in making it through ‘the wall’.

Protein Flapjacks

A simple snack like a protein flapjack can be a handy way of boosting your energy levels mid-event. Not only will the oats in protein flapjacks help provide your body with a much needed carb source, but the whey protein in them can also help aid your muscle recovery. Protein Flapjacks also happen to be a damn tasty treat so are definitely worth investing in.


A product such as creatine or even creatine monohydrate is also worth considering for endurance athletes. Creatine helps to buffer lactic acid from the muscles so can help ensure that you can compete for longer periods of time. This makes creatine ideal for endurance athletes.



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