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A Super Protein Chocolate Tower of Goodness

I’m trying out new proteins. I want to experiment more with unflavored powders (because of the versatility factor and for bringing down my intake of artificial sweeteners and so on) so I made these with a blend of milk, concentrate and isolate proteins that I got. I figured it would be cool since it would cut back on the rubberiness of baking/pancaking with whey alone (and it does! ye yeeaah!). This protein tower also contained part of our apple tree which is going crazy with apples right now so I just HAD to make applesauce last night.


226g liquid egg whites
115g applesauce (I added some cinnamon to the apples as I turned them into mush)
24g chocolate vegan protein powder
8g cocoa powder
37g the aforementioned protein blend
21g coconut flour
150g 0% greek yogurt
6g vanilla whey protein powder


1. Blend all ingredients together and fry in a pan.

2. Make filling by mixing 10g coconut flour, greek yogurt, cinnamon, and vanilla whey.

3. Stack away!

Macros per Serving (out of 1):

9g fat
30g carbs (2.7g sugars/10.3g fiber)
85g protein

That. Is. It. Seven cute fat pancakes came out of the batter. Now, as they were cooking, I flipped them fairly quickly because I wanted a soft center (if you eat them right away it’s fancy because they’re gooey inside as you can tell from the pic). I ate three of the pancakes solo before my workout and staked the rest up with the yogurt filling. Went to the gym, did my thing, got home, opened the fridge and into BAAAAM! protein tower demolition: mmmmmmm -> wooo wooo!!!!! :-))))))

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5 Replies to “A Super Protein Chocolate Tower of Goodness”

  1. Those look awesome! I am a huge fan of coconut flour, greek yogurt and protein powder! Last night before my workout I ate protein pancakes with chicken, avocado and hummus and thought of your interesting savory pancake combinations. It was deeelicious!