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Strawberry Protein Truffles (TM)

Strawberry Protein Truffles (TM)

Check out THESE absolutely gorgeous and super easy-to-make protein truffles (TM).


1/4 cup of strawberry casein
1/4 cup of milk
1/2 tbsp coconut flour
1/3 bar of dark chocolate
1 tsp of freeze-dried strawberries or strawberry powder


1. Mix the casein, milk and coconut flour together until you get a soft dough that you can roll with your hands into truffles. If the mix is too wet, add a bit more casein, if it’s too crumbly, add a bit more milk.

2. Melt your dark chocolate in a bain mari

3. Dip the truffles into the chocolate and place them on a silicone tray or a tray lined with aluminium foil. Add the freeze-dried strawberries or the strawberry powder on top.

4. Leave them to set in the fridge for an hour and… PRESTO! They’re done.

Macros per truffle (out of the five you get from the mix above):  61kcals, 5g protein, 4g carbs (out of which 1.5g is fibre) and 2g fat.

Note: If you want to bring down your carb grams, consider rolling the truffles on flaked coconut, cocoa, or chopped nuts instead of chocolate.

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