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Spinach Soy Shirataki

Spinach Soy Shirataki

Did you know that you can get shirataki noodles in a block, without them being chopped into noodles? Yes! If you get this, you can slice it and fry it to taste. Here’s a super quick recipe:


1 whole sliced red onion, caramelised in light soy sauce
1 bag of fresh spinach
Salt to taste
Splash of coconut milk


Simply slice your shirataki block (300gs) into strips and and fry them on a nonstick pan with your caramelised onion and fresh spinach. Then sprinkle the whole thing with a bit of nutritional yeast ? 

Macros per Serving (out of 1)

180kcals, 22.4g protein, 18g carbo (of which 6.5 = fiber), 3g fat


Pea Protein 80

Savoury Supermeals

Whey Protein 360

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