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Six Healthy Super Bowl Snacks

Six Healthy Super Bowl Snacks

The Super Bowl is fast approaching, a day where even non-Football fans are tempted to sit down have a beer and watch the match, even if they are more interested in the half time show!

One of the most beloved traditions surrounding the Super Bowl is snacking. A 2021 study by US website Pickswise found that the average American consumes over 8,000 calories during the Super Bowl. This comes in the form of pizzas, chicken wings, beer, nachos, and high calorie dips.

Considering the fact that this is almost 4x the recommended calorie intake for most people, making some slight changes to your Super Bowl snacks might be a sensible idea. We’re not saying that you shouldn’t unwind and have some great snacks, but how about cutting that 8,000 calorie average in half?

The following six healthy snacks are healthy alternatives, but they’re still high in calories and high in taste. Treat yourself, and make sure you have a fantastic time!

Snack #1 Popcorn with Peanut Butter

The first snack on our list is popcorn served with peanut butter drizzled over it. Sure, peanut butter is high in calories, but it is also high in protein. Peanut butter is an excellent source of healthy fats, being high in oleic acid which can reduce cholesterol and inflammation.

Peanut butter also contains high levels of B-Vitamins and Vitamin E. The recipe is pretty simple, cook your popcorn as normal then while it is hot drizzle some peanut butter over the top.

Calories: 2 tbsp peanut butter = 170 calories, 100g popcorn = 375 calories. Total = 545 calories

Snack #2 Microwaved Ridiculous Vegan Protein Bar

Did you know that you can microwave our Ridiculous Vegan Protein Bars? Well, you can, and it makes them 3x better! You can thank Reddit for this. 8 years ago, somebody posted that microwaving your protein bar for 20 seconds turned it into a delicious warm protein cake. What a perfect snack for the Super Bowl!

Not only is this treat lower in calories than other tasty alternatives, but it is high in protein and free from animal products. A vegan Football fan’s dream. Each bar has fewer than 200 calories and around 15 grams of protein. You can pair it with some protein ice cream (check out some amazing recipes on our website) for an even tastier snack.

Calories: protein bar = 194 calories, protein ice cream = 300 calories. Total = 494 calories

Snack #3 Protein Mug Cake 

The protein mug cake was clearly designed as the perfect rebuttal to people who say “You can’t have your cake and eat it”. Not only do you get to eat delicious cake while watching the LA Rams struggle to avenge that 2018 loss to the Patriots. But you can also revel in the high protein, low calorie snack that is keeping you healthy.

One 43 gram serving of the Protein Works’ banana mug cake mix will only set you back 143 calories! So why not have two? That’s 10 grams of protein for just 286 calories, with 16 grams of fibre. Pair with Greek yoghurt and some of our zero calorie chocolate fudge syrup to turn this snack into a top tier dessert.

Calories: 2 x protein mug cakes = 286 calories, 100 grams Greek yoghurt (0% fat) = 59 calories. Total = 345 calories

Snack #4 Protein Brownies

You know what might even be better than high protein mug cakes? That’s right, protein brownies! All you need is an egg, some water, 2 tablespoons of unsalted butter, a mixing bowl, a baking tray, and an oven. In less than half an hour you will have the most delicious brownies you have ever tasted, each one containing 8.2 grams of protein and just 129 calories. Grab a couple and serve just like you would the mug cake, with Greek yoghurt and a zero calorie syrup.

Calories: 2 x protein brownies = 258, 100 grams Greek yoghurt (0% fat) = 59 calories. Total = 317 calories

Snack #5 Homemade Hummus with Pitta

Homemade hummus is the easiest meal in the world, provided you have a food processor. It also makes a superb high protein, low calorie dip (compared to popular Super Bowl dips). Just place chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, and olive oil into a food processor and blitz it until you have a thick consistency.

Toast some pitta bread and slice it up, if you want to increase the health even more you can cut up carrots, cucumbers, and peppers.

Calories: Hummus (one serving) = 95 calories, one pitta = 165 calories. Total = 260 calories

Snack #6 Protein Spread on Rice Cakes

The last snack is the easiest of all to make. All you need is one rice cake and a tub of our incredible white chocolate protein spread (choc hazelnut will also work a treat). Take knife, spread white chocolate protein spread onto rice cake, place rice cake in mouth. Simple!

The spread has 20 grams of protein per 100 grams, though a typical serving is just 15 grams for a 3 gram hit of protein and just 83 calories!

Calories: 2 x rice cakes = 70 calories, 2 x 15 grams of protein spread = 166 calories. Total = 236 calories


So, there you have it. Six healthy, high protein, low calorie snacks that can all be consumed during the Super Bowl allowing you a guilt-free Monday. If you ate absolutely everything on this list, you would consume 2,197 calories. Which is a lot, but only 25% of what a typical American eats during the Super Bowl. Enjoy the match.