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Red Pepper Protein Bread Mini Loaves

Red Pepper Protein Bread Mini Loaves

To make these amazing red pepper protein mini bread loaves, all you need are four ingredients: 1) liquid egg whites, 2) quinoa flakes (or buckwheat flakes, or millet flakes, or oat flakes), 3) pea protein powder (unflavoured) and 4) a red pepper (+/- salt). If you want to herb the bread up some more, you can throw in the mix some basil, parsley, and/or rosemary and/or thyme as well – for the extra m-mm-mm!-factor. 


1 cup liquid egg whites
1/2 cup pea protein powder (unflavoured)
1/2 cup quinoa flakes
1 large red pepper
1 teaspoon sea salt


1. Blend together all ingredients.

2. Bake for around 30 minutes at 170 C (338 F) in a mini loaf silicone baking mould or until your knife comes out clean. 

3. Enjoy!

Macros per Serving (out of 9)

66kcals, 11g protein, 4g carbohydrates (0.8g sugars), 0.7g fat (0.1g sat), 0.7g fibre


Vegan Protein
Whey Protein 80
Pea Protein
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2 Replies to “Red Pepper Protein Bread Mini Loaves”

  1. Would I be bale to substitute the Quinoa flakes for anything else?How would it change the Macros?What are the quinoa flakes for?
    I absolutely love this site. I’ve learned loads about Protein powders and am excited to try some recipes

    • Hi Tori 🙂 Sure, I use the quinoa flakes basically to give the whole thing a ‘bready’ texture. You can substitute them with millet flakes, rolled oats, or even ground almonds (using more ground almonds than you would quinoa flakes, basically enough to get the batter nice and thick). The macros would be pretty similiar if you sub the quinoa with oat flakes or millet flakes and would tilt more towards protein and fat if you use ground almonds 🙂