Whilst sports supplements are more often associated with more physical sports such as rugby, there is still value in looking at the options available such as the below.


A pre-workout formular can help aid muscular and physical performance and therefore allow you to compete at your very best during events. By taking a pre-workout supplement before a track & field event you can ensure that you are boh mentally and physically prepared.

Beta Alanine

Beta alanine is a powerful supplement that has been shown to help aid the development of lean muscle mass. Beta alanine helps to buffer lactic acid from your muscles in order to allow you to perform harder for longer and will therefore be the perfect aid to training.

Beef Jerky

A rich protein source such as beef jerky is a perfect snack for athletes who are on the go. Your body needs protein in order to adequately cope with the demands of intense physcial activity and when you don’t fancy a protein shake, beef jerky provides the perfect savoury alterntive.

Protein Granola

A product such as protein granola is ideal for eating as a breakfast option before a track & field event. Protein Granola can help boost your early morning protein intake and keep you fuelled through until lunch. This means you can concentrate on training or competing without feeling hungry.


A multi-vitamin supplement should be a staple in any athletes diet. Intense physical exercise can weaken the immune system and therefore leave you more susceptible to falling ill. Taking a multi-vitamin supplement will help to ensure that your body receives all the vital nutrients it needs in order to keep your immune system functioning.


Products like protein Granola and Beef Jerky are ideal for consuming in order to up your protein intake and therefore aid lean muscle growth in track & field events. Meanwhile a multi-vitamin is ideal for keeping you fit and healthy whilst beta alanine can help improve overall performance, especially combined with a pre-workout formula.



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