Whilst many people who play tennis, squash or badminton do so recreationally, there are some who take it quite seriously and are regularly looking to compete. Those looking to perform at their optimal level during whichever racket sport they choose may benefit from some or all of the below supplements.

Glucosamine Sulphate

Playing in any kind of racket sport puts an enormous amount of strain on your joints and can cause all sorts of issues later in life. For this reason a supplement like Glucosamine Sulphate are ideal to help keep your joints healthy and prevent complications further down the line.

Whey Protein

Improving strength for racket sports should be a key aim for anyone playing competitively. For this reason a whey protein product is ideal for aiding the growth of lean muscle and therefore increasing your strength. Whey protein shakes can be taken before or after training and games to aid recovery and increase muscle size and strength.

Electrolyte Powder

Many people think that simply consuming water during and after exercise is enough to rehydrate adequately. Unfortunately this is not the case and therefore makes an electrolyte powder ideal. An electrolyte powder ensures you are properly rehydrated whilst also helping you to avoid cramping during a game.


A product such as creatine monohydrate is ideal for increasing performance during short intense bursts. This makes creatine ideal for sports such as squash or tennis where it aids your muscular pump allowing you to get across the court more effectively.

Amino Acids

A product such as Essential Amino Acids are key to ensuring that muscle tissue is adequately repaired when damaged during exercise. Amino acids are therefore ideal for helping to repair damaged muscles thereby increasing your strength for racket sports such as tennis, squash and badminton.



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