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Let’s Get Fit Faced 4 Week Workout Plan – Week 3

Let’s Get Fit Faced 4 Week Workout Plan – Week 3

Welcome to the Let’s Get Fit Faced Workout Plan!
A 4 Week Workout Plan, Designed to Help You Get Fit!


We are launching a workout plan every week, for the next 4 weeks which have been designed by qualified professionals. Each week, we’ll give you an upper body workout, lower body workout, core workout and full body work out.

You need to:

– Warm up before each session
– Cool down after every session
– Take rest days
– Make sure you’re hydrated by drinking at least 2 litres of water per day before, during and after exercise
– Push yourself to your own limit
– Set goals that are realistic
– Make sure you choose weight that is suitable for you

Week 3

Lower Body – Part 1 (Activation)

Workout Reps Sets Rest
Reverse Lunges 12-15 3 30s
Banded Hip Thrusts 12-15 3 30s
Banded Crab Walks 12-15 3 30s

Lower Body – Part 2 (Main Workout) 

Step Machine 10 mins 1 None
Sumo Deadlift 10 4 60s
Leg Extension 15 3 60s
Hamstring Curl 15 3 60s
Heels Elevated Front Squats 12-15 3 60s
Bulgarian Split Squat 20 3 60s
Walking Lunges 10 3 60s
Barbell Glute Bridge 15 3 60s

Upper Body

Workout Reps Sets Rest
Incline Dumbbell Press 10 4 60s
Chest Machine Fly 10 3 60s
Barbell Row 10 4 60s
Overhead Press 10 4 60s
Lateral Raise 10 3 60s
Dumbbell Skullcrushers  15 4 60s

Full Body

Workout Reps Sets Rest
Underhand Pull-ups (assisted or unassisted) 10 3 60s
Front Squat 15 3 60s
Dumbbell Snatch 10 3 60s
Medicine Ball Wall Slams 20 3 60s
Burpees 12 3 60s
Plank 30s 5 30s


Workout Reps Sets Rest
Hanging Knee Raises  15 3 60s
Leg Raise 12 3 60s
Scissors  30s 3 60s
Bicycle Crunches  20 3 60s
Plank 50s 3 60s


We challenge YOU, TPW Tribe, to take part in the Let’s Get Fit Faced 4 Week Workout Plan!

Get motivated and remember that your only limit is your mind.

Make sure you tag us on Instagram and use the #letsgetfitfaced

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