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‘Just Do More’ Podcast Is Now Live!

‘Just Do More’ Podcast Is Now Live!

Welcome to your new podcast, fuelled by The Protein Works, as Tom Trotter and Chris Ridgway bring to you conversation in the world of fitness, health and wellbeing.
Listen to episode 1 now!

Just Do More – Episode 1

Splattered with guests ranging from world champion boxers, international sports stars and Premier League legends, the show looks to help and inspire those who just want that bit more, be it building up to your first run, or seasoned pros looking to up their game!
Hear how World Champion Amir Khan stayed fit during lockdown, and how England Netball star Stacey Francis moved to the other side of the world for her career, and then was met by the Coronavirus pandemic.
There’s more! Why is training in the morning different from in the evening? If you’re a working parent or missing the gym, how can you stay fit? What role does what you eat play, and is there a link between physical and mental health?
If you’d like to hear the full interviews with Amir Khan or Stacey Francis, they’re live now!
Whether your fitness journey is just starting or you’re already on the track, become part of the tribe with Chris and Tom today!
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