We all know how bad sugar can be but don’t let that get down if you have a sweet tooth. There are many healthy alternatives out there that will tickle your taste buds just as much, as well as packing a nutritious punch.

Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup contains over 50 antioxidants; be sure to find 100% Maple Syrup to get the maximum benefits.

Coconut Sugar

Coconut Sugar is loaded with potassium, which helps supports numerous key body functions. Coconut Sugar is also full of amino acids such as glutamine, great for optimal body and brain function.


For a sweet and sour kick add some fresh grapefruit juice which is also a great source of vitamin C. Grapefruit is also high in enzymes that burn fats. An antioxidant compound, called Naringenin, is also found in high concentrations in grapefruit. Naringenin, a flavanoid, has positive metabolic and anti-inflammatory effects.


Bananas get sweeter the riper they become. Try leaving your banana ’til it starts getting brown spots on the skin and it will be deliciously sweet – perfect for making pancakes and sweet breads. Bananas are a good source of potassium and low in other salts; so they can protect against muscle cramps, reduce swelling, protect against type II diabetes, aid weight loss, strengthen the nervous system, and help with the production of white blood cells – all aided by high levels of vitamin B-6.

Apple Sauce

Not only is apple sauce a great sugar substitute, it’s also really good for your health. Again it’s full of antioxidants, while the fibre lowers your risk of heart disease and suppresses your appetite among many other wonderful benefits.


Honey is considered a power-food that should be in everyone’s kitchen. Honey contains antioxidants which may even help reduce the risk of some cancers and heart disease.


Cinnamon has been shown to help regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels. It’s also packed full of nutrients fibre, calcium, iron, and manganese.

And don’t forget… Zero Syrups!

TPW Zero Syrups are irresistible naturally flavoured syrups that contain zero calories, zero carbohydrates, zero fats and zero sugars. They can be used to flavour absolutely anything with virtually no impact on your foods nutritional profile and fitting into almost any diet. Drizzle over foods such as pancakes and porridge to add some serious flavour. Include in your shake for a new flavour dimension or mix into yoghurt, coffee or just about anything!

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