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Gluten-Free Protein Granola

One of the great things about protein granola: that there are lots of different ways to make it…


1 cup              Rolled Oats (Gluten free)
3/8 cup           Liquid Egg Whites
3/4 cup           Pea Protein Powder
1 tbsp             Coconut Oil
3/8 cup           Almond Milk
1/2 tbsp          Cinnamon
1 tbsp             Dates (Chopped)


Mix everything together (whisk it, don’t blend it, because you want to retain the oats’ form). Then, place it all on a flat cookie tray and bake it at 200C (392F) until nicely browned.

When ready, take it out and go mental on it – i.e. tear it apart with your hands, a fork, a knife… hell, you can even use a spork. You just want to get the pieces as small as you can. To then make it super crunchy, bake it again (or grill/broil it). Another option is to store it like it is and then, right before eating a bowl, re-baking it at a high temp so it crunches up nicely.

See below!


OK, here’s the fun part – the variations:

1. To make it even crunchier, add some slivered nuts to the mix along with some seeds! For example, sunflower seeds and chopped hazelnuts are a great example for you to try! 

2. For extra antioxidant goodness, consider adding some chocolate chips, carob chips, and/or goji berries to the mix

3. If you want your granola sweeter and don’t mind the extra carbs, add a tbsp of honey to the mix. The honey works great because it binds everything together as it bakes too and adds an extra flavor dimension to the whole thing so yeah…. it’s good.

4. To lower the carbs, ditch the dates completely, just try your batter before baking to ensure it’s sweet enough and ticks all your flavour boxes.


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