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Fuel Your Focus At Home

Fuel Your Focus At Home

We may now be getting more used to the “new normal” of being at home each day, but our homes are still the place we associate with relaxation and comfort, meaning for those of us working from home, and even those of us just working-out from home, getting into the right mindset and being able to stay focused for long durations can still come as a bit of a challenge.

With recent updates from Government informing us that current circumstances are unlikely to see drastic change anytime soon, with lockdown (although being eased in some places) still very much being the status quo of our lives – for the summer months at least.

So, with all that said, we need to make the most of the situation at hand, and manage it as best as possible and find ways to stay focused when we need to most.

Whether that be concentrating on with a pressing work deadline, whilst the kids are noisily playing in the room next door or being able to get in to the same frame of mind you had when walking onto the gym floor, now that you’re trying to psych yourself up for a living room workout.

This is where TPW Endless Nootropics comes in, the most advanced nootropic on the market today, allowing you to zone in on the task at hand and stay laser focused throughout.

What is Endless Nootropics?

Nootropics, sometimes referred to as cognitive enhancers or brain boosters, are supplements that improves cognitive function, memory, creativity and motivation, whilst reducing fatigue, and here at The Protein Works, we have created the perfect concoction of the highest quality and naturally sourced ingredients to deliver a ground breaking (and scientifically backed) product.

How Endless Nootropics Works

Increased Focus

Endless provides the perfect ratio between caffeine and L-Theanine (2:1) which allows you to get all the benefits of caffeine without the usual post caffeine crash.

Caffeine has been shown time and time again to improve alertness and help boost both our levels of concentration and physical performance. When we consume caffeine our central nervous system (CNS) is encouraged to produce adrenaline, which in turn enhances memory, focus and alertness.  (1)

L-Theanine is added to compliment the caffeine as it removes the crash associated with caffeine and has also been shown to improve mood and cognitive performance in its own right. (2)

Last, but not least, we have the addition of B vitamins, with B12 playing a major role in energy production (3) by converting fats and carbohydrates into energy to be utilised by the brain, whilst B5 helps improve cognitive performance (4)

Boosts Mood

Feeling positive does wonders for our productivity levels, so it’s unfortunate that right now, it’s all too easy to be surrounded by bad news that can leave us feeling low and unmotivated.

Endless Nootropics, with its combination of Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Vitamin C and Tyrosine, can help lift your mood, potentially lowering the risk of depression and improving overall brain health. (5,6,7)

Improved memory

We’ve gone over how Endless can help you stay focused and perform at a higher level, but it can also let you improve your memory retention and in doing so boost your learning potential – ideal for any self-development or studying you  may be doing during this time.

With the addition of Choline and DMAE,(8) two ingredients known to increase levels of acetylcholine, a vital molecule for enhanced memory and effective learning, along with Zinc (9) which plays an important role for overall cognitive functioning, endless will help with memory retention after those long days of your brain having to process endless amounts information.

Don’t let home workouts go to waste

You may be working out from home for the foreseeable future but that doesn’t mean your pre workout nutrition has to fall by the way side.

By continuing to take a pre workout supplement, as you would for the gym, you can continue to create that pre gym buzz and help you get “in the zone” for an effective, focused and purposeful workout.

Although Endless Nootropics can help push you through workouts, maybe you want something that is more an out-and-out pre workout.

Whether its Raze PumpPerform or Burn, you can be confident you will be able to reach new levels of workout performance and intensity, two factors that can often be lacking when we have to exercise in our homes.


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