Dieters and gym enthusiasts put your plastic Tupperware and forks down – there is more to life than lean chicken breasts! No matter how committed you are to your diet no one wants to eat the same thing every day, regardless of its nutritional content. Put pleasure and variety back into your diet with these high protein, low fat alternatives.

Chicken is a well-known staple to any high protein low carb diet, thanks to its impressive 25g of protein in a 3 ounce chicken breast. The hefty protein content will definitely helps you to meet those protein requirements, but you don’t have to rigidally stick to your soulless chicken breast and steamed veg day in day out to achieve your body goals! So in order to keep you feeling satisfied, as well as get the required protein you need to complement your training regime add these 7 foods to your diet.


Fat-Free Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is a great post-workout replenishment to have within an hour of workout, as it replenishes your glycogen stores and provides the necessary protein for the small muscle tears you incurred during that weights session. One serving can contain between 17 and 20 grams of protein which is an ideal amount to consume post-workout. 20g of protein is sufficient to promote muscle synthesis (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition).

Non-fat Quark

Crowned as the ultimate healthy, high protein satiating health food, Quark is hailed champion when compared to non-fat Greek yogurt. Although we still love its next best alternative, non-fat Greek yogurt (which also makes a great protein source), you’ll be surprised to know that Quark contains 150% more protein then its shelf companion. The food source has a very high protein content, but low fat, low carb, low sugar and salt content. It is made by warming soured milk until the desired degree of denaturation of milk proteins is met, and then strained. Some supermarket brand contain an impressive 13.6g of protein per 100g, at just 0.2g fat, and 0.04 g of salt.

Add one scoop of Choc Peanut Cookie Whey Protein 80 powder to 150g to make a thick high protein mousse.

Yellowfin Tuna

This seafood wonder provides a boatload of premium protein at 25g of per 3 oz. serving. Extra health benefits include its Vitamin B content and the antioxidant selenium in its flesh. Tuna is a great source of omega 3 fatty acids which have been shown to support cardiovascular health. Health benefits also include controlling blood pressure, increases cognitive function, improves mood, and prevents cancer.

Turkey Breast

Move over chicken, turkey is your new favourite bird! With an impressive 24g of protein per 3 oz. serving this big bird provides your muscles with a hefty amount of protein and has many health credentials along with it. Skinless turkey is low in fat and is a great source of iron, zinc, potassium, and phosphorus. The meat is also a rich source of Vitamin B6 and Naiacin which are both essential for the body’s energy production. Regular turkey consumption has also been found to help lower cholestrerol levels. Turkey contains the amino acod tryptophan, which produces serotonin and play an important role in strengthening the immune system. It is also a source of selenium which is essential for thyroid hormone metabolism. Give your turkey steaks a flavour hit with a sprinkling of paprika or cajun spices.

Cottage Cheese

You either hate it or love it, but there’s no denying that cottage cheese is a protein power food with 14g per half cup serving. The white stuff is laced with casein protein – a slow digesting protein that provides your muscles with a steady supply of vital amino acids. Add a serving to your evening meal for an extra protein hit.

Whey Protein Powder

If you prefer to train early in the morning before you head into work you’ll agree that convenience is key when on the go! Ensure you have a grab-and-go morning shake prepped beforehand in your fridge or made ready post-workout as Whey Protein is one of the cleanest, and fastest digesting proteins available. 1 scoop (25g) of Whey Protein 80 contains 19.6g protein, 1.7g fat, 99 calories, and 1.9g carbs making it an ideal addition to a fat-loss, or body building diet.


Although fairly expensive, stock up on this nutrient-packed, low calorie, low-fat protein source and you’ll be swimming! A pack makes a perfect snack or meal due to containing a satisfying 21g of protein per serving. The seafood is a healthy alternative to meat sources because it only contains 0.1g saturated fat, provides omega-3 fatty acids, offers healthy-omegas, B12, selenium, and boosts immunity. Shrimp is a complete protein containing all the amino acids the body needs to function.

Written by Physical Training Instructor & Health Trainer PTI Thompson (@PTI_Thompson)

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