This article is to help you burn fat while still eating a good amount of food. While exercising is obviously one of the best ways to get in shape but dieting is key. Good eating separates people who have amazing bodies from those people in ‘alright’ shape. Within this article I will tell you what foods increase your metabolism. This means by eating food you are actually burning fat which will decrease your weight and waist line.

The Foods

Foods to Speed Up Your MetabolismGreen tea – This raises your heart rate which makes your system burn calories faster. Green tea is also rich in many minerals and vitamins which nourish the body. Studies have shown that it promotes weight loss by stimulating the body to burn abdominal fat. That’s right this tea will decrease your waist line.

Chilies – These badboys raises you core temperature very slightly, but enough to make some go red and start sweating. With more heat, basic chemical reactions in the body speed up – including fat burning. Your body at the same time is trying to cool you down (the sweating) this means your body is working harder and churning out more calories. They are also easy to add to any dish, just chop a few and whack them in and there you go.

Water – Well, your body is made up of about 70-80% water. Your skin is made up of it, your muscles are made of it and so are alot of other bits and pieces like your crucial organs. As a result, dehydration makes you look bad and feel bad. It also makes you want to eat more because your body craves the water out of the food. This means your calorie intake heightens and you’ll put on weight. Water also clears toxins and helps you transport vitamins and minerals around the body. So the take home message, up your intake!

Broccoli – This super food is very low in calories and very high in vitamin c, so this food will not only promote weight loss but make your skin look better also. This is because vitamin c increases your collagen production. There is alot of fiber which helps you clear toxins and makes you feel much more full. This means you wont want to snack with obvious benefits to body composition over time.

Greek Yogurt (low fat) – This dairy product contains probiotics. This ‘friendly’ bacteria helps the body reduce the amount of fat your body absorbs. It is also rich in calcium and vitamin D helping maintain a firing metabolism.

Oats – Oats are rich in fiber which is associated with a great satiating effect on the body. Again, this means you will be less likely to snack because you will be full, while your body is energised by a slow and steady release of low GI carbohydrate.

Almonds – These little beauties are full of protein, fiber and good fats. Studies have shown that almonds can promote weight loss and improve cholesterol levels. They are perfect for a healthy snack.

Black Coffee – Caffeine kicks up your metabolism some gears. It also helps with the breakdown of fat. So have a cup in the morning and you will feel more awake and you will lose the pounds.

Blueberries – These little blue gems are loaded with antioxidants. They satisfy that sweet tooth and are brilliant to snack on. They don’t have many calories in them and have a high water and fiber content.

Don’t expect body composition changes to happen over night as there’s no magic antidote. But adding these foods into your diet can help you lose weight and feel better over a longer-term period. I would also recommend that you eat smaller meals at a more frequent rate. In my opinion, this is much better than eating three massive meals a day or even the worse not eat all day and chug down loads of food at night, causing huge insulin spikes and the associated dreaded fat storage. By keeping yourself topped up throughout the day you will not go feeling hungry, you will have alot more energy, you will feel a lot better and you will reach your fitness goal/goal weight.



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