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Flavoured Vs Unflavoured Protein Shakes

Flavoured Vs Unflavoured Protein Shakes

Fitness enthusiasts, athletes and users of protein have long debated which is better flavored protein or unflavored protein. The truth is whilst there’s no right or wrong answer; there are differences such as the protein content, the added flavorings and price. Here we impartially examine the difference between flavoured and unflavoured protein so you can decide which one is best for you and your training.

Flavoured versus unflavoured protein

Flavoured vs Unflavored Protein – Additives

One of the main reasons some people prefer unflavored protein is because it contains fewer sweeteners, colourings or flavourings and is therefore considered a ‘purer’ protein source. Also this lack of additives means that unflavored protein is actually higher in protein content than flavoured protein, which is again another reason some people prefer the unflavored version since they feel they are getting more protein compared to buying flavoured protein. It must be noted the difference is very small and some people really don’t mind, however to an elite athlete or some nutritionists this can make all the difference, whether psychologically giving them an edge or arguably physically too.

The TPW Naked Whey Range

Exclusively available to THE PROTEIN WORKS, anyone looking to keep their whey protein shakes all natural can get stuck in to our innovative and UKs first Naked Whey range. Our Naked Whey proteins are the ideal whey protein shake for anyone looking for an exceptionally high quality protein source to aid muscle growth and repair, with the assurance that it contains absolutely no artificial additives of any kind. This is because it’s sweetened with Stevia Extract which is a natural, zero-calorie, zero-carb, zero-glycemic index sweetener derived from the sweet leaf plant native to South America.

Flavored vs Unflavored Protein – Taste

Most obviously many people simply prefer flavored protein because they don’t like the taste of unflavored protein and commonly complain that they can only taste the oats, dextrose, creatine or other ingredients they’ve added to their shake with an unflavored version. However other people don’t actually mind the taste and would in fact prefer an unflavored protein because they like to either add their own flavorings or they might add the protein to a smoothie and blend it with blueberries and strawberries and they actually prefer the taste of the blueberries and strawberries and don’t want an overpowering flavored protein ruining the taste. One potential addition to add flavour to an unflavoured protein shake – without impacting on the nutritional profile – is Zero Syrups.

Flavored vs Unflavored Protein – Price

Lastly, and worth mentioning, is the price. Unflavored is obviously less expensive compared to flavored which for some people could be a determining factor because they will simply drink their protein shake in a matter of seconds post workout and so flavor doesn’t matter. For others they might like to sit at their desk at work with a shake as a meal replacement and so probably don’t want one that they don’t like the taste of. It really is down to you though and your personal preference, fortunately we offer a big enough range so you can find one you like and are happy with.

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