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Diet Plan – Replacing 2 Meals A Day With Diet Whey Complex

Diet Plan – Replacing 2 Meals A Day With Diet Whey Complex



Hey All,

I have recently made my 1st purchase from The Protein Works, a 2KG bag of Diet Whey Complex – Chocolate Silk.

I have a plan to lose some weight, just wanted some opinions.

I am not a fat guy, I’m about 5’9 and weigh about 12.5 stone, have quite a beer belly though, sometime look pregnant. My goal is to be able to see my genitals when stood up naked.

My plan is to replace breakfast and lunch with Diet Whey Complex shakes and have fruit in between as snacks, then have a normal dinner.
I currently do not work out but am setting up a plan starting with 5 days of heavy bag cardio a week then moving to 3 days with weights and 3 days heavy bag cardio.
So my plan will be Mon, Weds, Fri weights and Tues, Thurs and Sat cardio.

Any feedback is very much appreciated.



I think the idea of replacing 2 meals with a shake is silly, particually the first 2 meals of the day.

Only having 2 shakes + an evening meal will leave you well under in terms of daily calorie intake – this ultimately will result in an initial fast weight loss that will stall pretty quickly.

The more sensible idea would be to use the diet whey between your meals to help keep you full, this would allow you to reduce the size of your normal meals a little.

Ultimately though you nutritional plan will be based around the calories and macros you need – well most likely running at a 500kcal deficit?

Why dont you start with weights? weigths are proven to be the more long term catalyst for weight loss?


Ahh, I used it as a meal replacement firstly as it is a quick easy, tasty breakfast. The reason I was going to replace 2 meals is because I do not feel hungry after I have drunk it for quite a while.

I get what you mean though, have a normal breakfast, have a shake between breakfast and lunch to make me eat less at lunch, then another shake between lunch and dinner to make me eat less dinner. I have actually never thought of that, just thought to use the shakes to replace a meal.

I have no real reason fro starting with the punch bag before weights apart from I have read that punch bags are amazing for fat loss.

I’m kind of in a weird place at the moment as I want to get bigger and stronger but want to lose the belly fat. Thought I would lose the fat 1st then change my diet and work on the building muscle.

Thanks for your advise.


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