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(Crazy) Dark Chocolate High Protein Truffles

OK, they’re ‘protein balls’ BUT I’m using ‘truffle’ instead because well, come on, ‘ball’ doesn’t sound that appetizing; plus, why not truffle? Here, I used quinoa instead of the traditional oats that most recipes call for. Why? Well, vis-a-vis oats, quinoa flakes have more protein, less carbs, and a lot more fiber (plus a lovely taste!). They turned out c-r-a-z-y.


70 grams of peanut butter (unsalted, unsweetened)
30g brown rice protein
30g chocolate whey protein
11g 100% cocoa powder
41g quinoa flakes
16g almonds (could use ground; I used whole)
10g hemp seeds.


1. Mix it all together, add water until its all doughy.

2. Make balls and roll them in cinnamon (I rolled them in a mixture of cinnamon, cocoa and chile powder for the whole taste explosion hehe).

The result? Taste for yourself! All I’m going to say is that they’re, in my opinion, amaaaazing!!!

Macros per Serving (out of 15):

64.2 kcals
3.1g carbs (1.1g fiber)
5.4g protein
2.2g fat


Make this recipe with vanilla whey, add vanilla essence, some orange rind, cinnamon and dessicated coconut to the dough and and roll them in coconut/cinnamon for a ‘white protein truffle.’ 

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10 Replies to “(Crazy) Dark Chocolate High Protein Truffles”

  1. Seriously, you gotta try em. The Chili adds such an awesome UNNNNGH! and they’re rich enough that you can’t really have 400 πŸ˜‰