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Coffee & Whey Protein Bars

Coffee & Whey Protein Bars

.Dream big, if you have ever wanted a coffee flavoured protein bar then look no further than this recipe!

This protein bar can serve as a, high-protein meal and a wake-up snack, when good espresso is not at hand (library, airplane, etc). The dream bar would have a lot of whey protein, a handful of roughly chopped nuts for the crunchiness (walnuts/almonds/hazelnuts), orange zest and some good source of fiber (coconut flour/oatmeal bran).”


1 cup (gluten-free or regular) oats
1/2 cup vanilla or coffee flavored whey protein powder
1/4 cup vanilla pea protein,
1/4 cup chopped nuts
1/2 tablespoon coffee extract or essence (optional but lovely)
1/2 tablespoon toffee flavdrops
1/2 cup freshly-brewed coffee 


1. Make your coffee and add 1/2 cup of it to the rest of the ingredients.

2. Mix it all with a spoon until you get a thick and sticky dough.

3. Press this dough onto a baking tray lined with baking paper or onto a silicone tray. 

4. Put it in the freezer for 30 minutes, slice, and munch! Or wrap in some baking paper or tinfoil to carry with you and eat later.


If you want add some chocolate to the bars to turn them into ‘mocha’ bars, melt 1/4 bar of dark chocolate and mix that in with the ingredients. 

If you want to COAT the bars in chocolate, go for it.

If you want to add a tbsp or two of peanut butter or almond butter you can, just add a tiny bit of coconut flour to the mix so you’re bars don’t end up too sticky.

Macros per bar (out of 8): 

13g protein
15g carbs (out of which 2g is fiber so net carbs = 13)
4g fat

Pea Protein 80

Whey Protein 360

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