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Casein Protein Mexican Chocolate Brownies

Casein Protein Mexican Chocolate Brownies

Aren’t these brownies handsome? I’ve never baked with casein before so this was kind of an experiment (the beginning of many casein experiments). The idea was to make a batch of casein brownies to eat along with some milk prior to conjuring Morpheus -> the ultimate pre-bed snack. That’s where the casein came in. The Mexican Chocolate, well, that was an experiment born out of love for chocolate and the spices commonly added to it which often go on to comprise what many know of as ‘Mexican chocolate.’ 


166g quark
232g liquid egg whites
31g fresh blueberries
67g chocolate casein
16g cocoa
6g coconut flour
12g brown rice protein powder
16g ground almonds
12g tahini
red chili
ground cloves
grated orange peel
baking soda


1. I mixed 166g of quark (you could also use cottage cheese)+ 232g of liquid egg whites + 31g fresh blueberries + 67g of chocolate casein + 16g of cocoa + 6g of coconut flour + 12g of brown rice protein (if you don’t have any, try using more ground almonds instead or just a bit more casein) + 16g of ground almonds and 12g of tahini (or peanut butter!)

2. To this mix, I added baking soda plus: cayenne pepper, red chili powder, cardamon, ground cloves, nutmeg, grated orange peel.

3. Baked it at a medium heat for around 20 minutes and that was that. 

Macros per Serving (out of 6):

4.6g carbos (1.2g fiber)
18.11g protein
5.5g fat 


Well, they turned out really moist and the taste was great. The only thing was that I found is that they needed weight (casein, I think, bakes pretty similarly to whey so the lightness has to be countered by something heavy) so next time I’m throwing in some adzuki beans. Oh la la though: delicious though, nice and spicy ? Try adding the above spices to your chocolate brownies, it’s so tasty! :-))))) Either way, I can NOT wait to have (what’s left) of these brownies drowned in fluff tomorrow! 

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