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Carnitine & Omega 3 Fish Oils

You can help increase the efficiency of Carnitine by pairing it with Omega 3 fish oils. Taking Carnitine with Omega 3 helps to get the Carnitine into the muscles. Omega 3 fatty acids can help improve every cell in your body and so helps with the absorption of Carnitine.

How Does Omega 3 Help Carnitine Absorption?

Cells are made up of two layers of fats, composed of good fats and bad fats. If the cells fat layers are made up of high levels of Omega3, it becomes more sensitive to insulin. As the cells are more sensitive to insulin, they are able to yield the most energy production out of supplemental or dietary Carnitine.

Combining Carnitine & Omega 3 for Fat Loss

High doses of Omega 3 fish oil combined with Carnitine have been shown to help reduce body fat. This is because Omega 3 increases metabolic rate whilst Carnitine helps deliver the fatty acids for metabolising. Carnitine is key as the fewer fatty acids that get into a cell, the less energy that can be burned.  Without taking Carnitine, fatty acids may go into a depository and be stored as fat. Increasing your levels of Carnitine increases fat burning. It also helps provide the cells with the energy they need to raise metabolism. This can result in you having more energy and motivation. Therefore taking Carnitine can help you burn excess fat by raising metabolism and providing the energy and motivation for exercise.

What to take with Carnitine?

Research has shown that taking Carnitine with carbs is effective for raising muscle Carnitine levels. Raising muscle Carnitine levels can help improve physical performance. But carbs aren’t essential as long as you have adequate Carnitine and Omega 3 supplementation. Another study showed that Carnitine, Omega 3s, and polyphenols together can reduce blood fat levels and increase energy production in cells. The same study also indicated that combining Carnitine, Omega 3s, and polyphenols helped improve cholesterol levels and improve energy use. This resulted in fat burning as metabolic rates increase.

Benefits of Taking Carnitine & Omega 3

Research to date has shown that combining Carnitine & Omega 3 can be beneficial to your health. Taking Omega 3 has been shown to improve the efficiency at which Carnitine can work. By taking both together cells are better able to absorb fatty acids to burn for energy. This can help speed up the body’s metabolic rate and therefore helps with fat loss. Although Omega 3 has been shown to improve the efficiency of Carnitine it is not essential for it to work.

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