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Arginine And Fat Loss

Arginine And Fat Loss

Arginine has been shown to enhance fat metabolism beyond levels shown without supplementation. In fact, arginine has often been heralded as a supplement that can ‘fight the war on obesity’. That’s one of the reasons that arginine is also given to obese people as treatment to help them to lose fat. Arginine supplementation allows fat to be used more readily as an energy source. This means more fat lost and a leaner physique. It has been shown that larger doses of arginine can further enhance the thermic fat burning effect.  5-10 grams of arginine is though to be the upper optimal recommended dosage per serving. Arginine helps promote lean muscle while losing body fat making it a must for people looking to burn fat and add muscle to their physique.

Arginine for Cutting

Many bodybuilders go through cutting and bulking phases: first to add muscle mass and then to lose body fat without sacrificing muscle mass.  When doing this, diet and supplementation is key.  Using arginine whilst going through both of these phases can be key to losing or maintaining low body fat levels.  When cutting, the aim is to lose body fat and keep as much muscle as possible and arginine helps by preserving muscle mass and using fat as a energy source.  When bulking, increasing body fat quickly is not advised as it means more body fat to lose.  Supplemental arginine will then help promote muscle growth while keeping body fat down to keep leaner through a bulking phase.

Arginine Dose and Timing

Higher dosages of arginine are recommended if your body responds well without side effects.  Try to take arginine at least three times a day: with one in the morning and one each before and after a workout.  Arginine should be supplemented all year around to help lose fat and keep muscle in a cutting phase and maintain lower body fat and gain muscle during a bulking phase.

Side effects of Arginine

There are some side effects reported with taking excessive amounts of arginine. These include stomach cramps, diarrhoea and nausea.  Note, however, that these have only been related to taking large amounts of arginine.  This shows that a person should start with a lower dose of arginine to assess tolerance and how there body reacts.

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