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Apple Fiber Protein Pancakes with Banana Macadamia Syrup

It’s really NOT a syrup, is it? It’s better.


coconut milk
30g banana
10g vanilla whey
8g macadamias


Its coconut milk blended with 30g of banana (so like a 1/4), 10g vanilla whey and 8g of macadamia nuts; blended till creamy and mmmm! I was going to add some actual maple on top but really, this is so much better!

And the pancakes, well, shwaaa….fuf! But before I go into them: an introduction (because the game has gotten a lot more exciting with this new player): Apple Fiber! Per 10gs of it, we’re talking 25kcals, 9g carbos and 4g fiber. It comes finely ground and has very soft apple undertones (so instead of screaming it kind of whispers “apple”). I just got it so we’re still getting acquainted but based on these pancakes, I foresee a close friendship developing here 😉 Anyways bla bla bla.


156g egg whites (so 5 egg whites)
15g vanilla whey (so like half a scoop)
6g apple fiber
9g goji berries
grated orange peel


1. Cook like a pancake.

2. The whole thing is then topped with cinnamon and BOOM! –> mmmmm!!!!!

The apple fiber has this really mellow hint of apple that goes such a long ways alongside the orange and the vanilla and the cinnamon yumminess of the whole thing. Ah *sigh*. Topped with a bit of coconut oil? waaaa.

Macros per Serving (out of 1 w/ syrup):

36g protein
22.6g carbos (5g fiber)
9.7g fat (1.2 of which sat) 

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